MsLods’ news round-up: law + technology


ISP blockades on file-sharing sites lifted after Spanish Court overturns ruling. | Future of Copyright | 

Pirate Bay traffic has doubled post-ISP blocks. | Ars Technica |

IP academic tells Parliamentary Committee he can’t see any basis for the assertions that the iiNet decision needs to be overturned. | ComputerWorld | 

iiNet joins web giants to raise concerns about intermediary liability in secret TPP talks. | IT News | 

Six strikes was not designed to provide courtroom evidence of infringement. | Ars Technica |

The troubling truth of why it’s still so hard to share files directly. | Wired |

Embracing the open opportunity: “copyright needs urgent reform”, Neelie Kroes, Vice-President of the European Commission responsible for the Digital Agenda | Europa |

Defamation & media law

Andrew Bolt the latest to apologise over Tony Abbott’s wall punch. | The Guardian |

Australian Government’s latest national security bill to stifle debate. | JournLaw |

‘Restaurant rules’ – David Rolph’s interview on defamation & the perils of reviewing. | Radio National’s ‘Law Report’ |

Is Google undermining the right to be forgotten? | CNN |

Privacy & information security

UK Data Retention Act passed in record time; fight back has already begun. | TechDirt | 

The UK’s ‘emergency’ DRIP surveillance law is a done deal.  | Gigaom |

I, spy: Edward Snowden in exile. | The Guardian | “… what you care about is the metadata, because metadata doesn’t lie …”.

Data retention ‘neither necessary nor proportionate': UNHRC | ZDNet |

Data retention held unconstitutional in Slovenia. | Digital Rights Ireland |

Submissions to PJCIS inquiry on National Security Legislation Amendment Bill due 30 July. | APH |

The website that remembers the things Google forgot. | Washington Post |

Big data is just a big, distracting bubble that is about to burst, says ‘Doc’ Searls. | ZDNet |

The unlikely life of inventor and Hollywood star Hedy Lamarr. | ABC RN |

18 July 1992, the first photo uploaded to the Web, of CERN’s all-girl science rock band. | Brain Pickings |

Internet activism worked today. Here’s how to keep the momentum going. | Wired |

Social media

Google Plus finally gives up on its ineffective, dangerous real-name policy. | Slate |

#thetimeofthegame – When the world watches the World Cup, what does that look like? | The Atlantic |

Facebook, Google and the little people.  | Paul Bernal |

Facebook and engineering the public. | Medium |

Meet Del Harvey, Twitter’s troll patrol.  | Forbes |

20 July  2014

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MsLods’ news round-up: law + technology (*Updated)


 Why Australia should sign the Marrakesh Treaty: Trish Hepworth. | ALIA |

*Australia has now signed the Marrakesh Treaty to give blind and visually impaired people access to books:

“Australia does not have an obligation … to impose liability on internet access providers for their users’ copyright infringements”:  Associate Professor Kimberlee Weatherall. | ZDNet |

Australian Digital Alliance submission to JSCOT on the Intellectual Property provisions of Korea-Australia Free Trade Agreement. | ADA |

iiNet’s Steve Dalby to Village Roadshow: “It’s not our job to stop online infringers”. | Gizmodo |

Choice Australia on piracy and access to content. | Choice |

New copyright infringement laws will increase piracy: Paul Budde. | Buddle Blog |

Rights holders are ‘control freaks peddling futility-on-a-stick’, says iiNet. | CNET |   Site blocking: does it work? 

7th Circuit confirms Sherlock Holmes is in the public domain. | The IPKat |

Athletes’ tattoo artists file copyright suits, leave indelible mark. | WSJ |

Defamation and media law

 East Timor elites try to muddle media. | Crikey News |

$600,000 restaurant review: Fairfax loses 11-year defamation battle. | The Guardian |

The “New” New York Times: Free Speech Lawyering in the Age of Google and Twitter. | Harvard Law Review |

A Policy Background Paper: Media Control and Ownership on media diversity. | Department of Communications |

Privacy & information security

ISIS threat justifies greater surveillance, says former defence secretary (UK).  | The Guardian |

Privacy since Snowden: Mark Stephens. | Project Syndicate |

House votes to cut key pursestrings for NSA surveillance. | Wired |

Australian spy agencies in line for new digital surveillance powers. | The Guardian |

Canada: Internet providers can’t provide customer names and addresses to police without a warrant. | CBC |

US: For first time, Appeals Court rules warrant is required for cell phone location tracking. | ACLU | 

Olivia Taters, Robot Teenager. | On the Media |

In a single tweet, as many pieces of metadata as there are characters. | WSJ |

Time to axe the ‘Australia tax’.  | Choice Australia |

How Amazon is holding Hachette hostage: Cory Doctorow. | The Guardian |

Social media

Social media and the Law resources. | Law Institute of Victoria |

What everybody misunderstands about the ROI of social media. | Gary Vaynerchuk |

The impact of social media on political journalism: Judith Ireland & Greg Jericho. | APH | (27 June 2014)

Lawyers have been given the green light to scan the social media sites of jurors (US). | ABA |

23 June  2014

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MsLods’ news round-up: law + technology


What’s the issue with piracy in Australia? writes Steve Dalby | iiNet |

iiNet calls on consumer fight back to piracy plans. | ZDNet |  

Chris Berg: Coalition in murky waters in the hunt for online pirates. | The Drum |

Web browsing is copyright infringement, publishers argue.  | Ars Technica |

Professor Jill McKeough’s presentation to the Parliamentary Library on the ALRC’s Inquiry: Copyright and the Digital Economy. |

Defamation & media law

Overview of the  Australian Centre for Independent Journalism’s ‘Justice Open and Shut’ Symposium held last week. | JournLaw |

Chris Kenny: I’ll be remembered as a dog f***er who stood up for his rights. |

Privacy & information security

Intruders to the plugged-in-home, coming in through the Internet. | New York Times |

Privacy is not dead – it’s inevitable.  | Boston Review |

Quantifying privacy: a week of location data may be an unreasonable search.  | New York Times |

NSA systems are so complex we can’t stop them from deleting data wanted for lawsuit. | Washington Post |

The killer gigabit app? It’s not what you think. “The speed is the app.” | GigaOm |

Debunking the false construct of piracy and high-speed internet adoption. | Ericsson |

Social media

Who’s behind that tweet? Here’s how 7 news organisations manage their Twitter & Facebook accounts. | Nieman Lab |

Emily Parker on Blogging for freedom in Vietnam. | New Yorker |

On my reading list: “Judges, Cyberspace and Social Media” by Judge J. C. Gibson

10 June  2014

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MsLods’ news round-up: law + technology


Australian government considers graduated response to piracy. | ZDNet |

Copyright trolls suffer big loss. | CNet |

Spotify chief hits back over piracy.  | Australian Financial Review |

New data on US 6-strikes copyright system released. | Yahoo Finance |

Joshua Gans on behavioural artists and piracy. | Digitopoly  |

Defamation & media law

Hockey’s defamation suit shows need for wider free speech debate. | The Conversation |

Privacy & information security

Public event on the state of surveillance. Speakers include Senator Ludlam. Melbourne, 17 June 2014. Details:

The empire strikes back: How Brandeis foreshadowed Snowden and Greenwald. | Salon |

Free speech groups issue new guide to the international ‘necessary and proportionate’ principles. | EFF |

Cory Doctorow: You are not a digital native: Privacy in the age of the Internet. | Tor |

NSA collecting millions of faces from web images. | New York Times |

Reed Hastings won’t use data to mess with TV plots, and that’s why Netflix will win. | Pando |

The busiest man on the Internet. | Forbes |

You can’t read all about it anymore: Nick Cohen. | Standpoint |

Google’s new self-driving car has no steering wheels, no brakes and a face designed to be “friendly”. | Forbes |

Social media

Making Twitter easier to use. | New York Times |

Yellow Social Media Report 2014 | Yellow Advertising |

1 June 2014

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MsLods’ news round-up: law + technology


Deal to combat piracy in UK with alerts is ‘imminent’. | BBC News |

How Disney learned to stop worrying and embrace copyright infringement.  | The Salon |

Copyright troll demands Comcast’s six strikes data for lawsuit.  | Torrentfreak |

Spotify chief hits back over piracy.  | Australian Financial Review |

Defamation & media law

Ireland: Court tells Sharkey to take down his tweet. | Independent |

E-libel laws the new front line in Pacific battles for freedom. | The Conversation |

Defamation should be law reform focus not racial discrimination: Richard Ackland.  | Sydney Morning Herald |

Privacy & information security

Photos of a NSA “upgrade” factory shows a Cisco router getting an implant. | Ars Technica |

Worst day for eBay, multiple flaws leave millions of users vulnerable to hackers. | Hacker News |

We kill people based on metadata.  | The New York Review of Books |

The right response to the right to delete. | Re/code |

US cybersecurity expert warns against metadata storage.  |  Australian Financial Review |

Snowden’s first move against the NSA was a party in Hawaii. | Wired |

The little conference that kickstarted the Web: Mark Pesce. |  The Drum |

Why I was forced to shut down Lavabit. | The Guardian |

Computer mice: still a thing. | The Atlantic |

Living on Bitcoin a year later: dropping digital dollars at a strip club. | Forbes |

Giants behaving badly: Google, Facebook and Amazon show us the downside of monopolies and black-box algorithms. | GigaOm |

Social media

Can an algorithm solve Twitter’s credibility problem? | The New Yorker |

With update, Snapchat gets a little less private. | The New York Times |

Alleged insider trading case cracked through LinkedIn. | SMH |

A platform and a blogging tool, Medium charms writers. | The New York Times |

26 May 2014

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MsLods’ news round-up: law + technology


Stop the pirates? Behind Brandis’ copyright crusade. | The Conversation |

Obama: TPP critics have “a lack of knowledge of what is going on in the negotiations”. | InfoJustice |

The conservative case for taking on the copyright lobby. | Business Insider |

Defamation & media law

Weibo: we can’t censor fast enough to satisfy the Chinese government. | Salon |

Protecting journalists’ sources: don’t take your smart phone. | Global Voices |

Privacy & information security

Everyone is under surveillance now, says Edward Snowden. | The Guardian |

We need online alter egos now more than ever. | Wired |

Is the EU really about to outlaw mass data surveillance? | Wired (UK) |

Coca-Cola is using facial recognition technology on fridges in Australia to sell more drinks. | Business Insider |

How one woman hid her pregnancy from big data. | Mashable |

Baby monitor hacker still terrorizing babies and their parents. | Forbes |


ATO to coin new rules after crypto-currency talks. | Australian Financial Review |

Judge’s ruling spells bad news for U.S. cloud providers. | GigaOm |

Embed with Katharine Neil and Harvey Smith. | Embed with Games |

Technology and privacy law in the US will soon be shaped by people who don’t use email. | The Guardian |

Social media

The censorship effect. | TechCrunch |

Twitter is not dying. It’s on the cusp of getting much bigger. | Slate |

Why Facebook’s new ‘anonymous login’ matters. | Forbes |

Domino’s adopts 24/7 social media monitoring. | Australian Financial Review |

Department of Premier & Cabinet’s social media policy. | DPC Victoria |

Another questionable IP law suit over a derogatory twitter account.  | Technology & Marketing Law Blog |

4 May 2014

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MsLods’ news round-up: law + technology


Why we filed an amicus brief in Garcia v Google: blaming 3rd parties has a serious impact on free speech. | Techdirt |

  • Last week was the much-anticipated oral argument before the Supreme Court in the Aereo case. Here’s some commentary from folk who camped out overnight to get a seat in the courtroom:

Ali Sternburg: 8 takeaways from the Aereo supreme court oral argument. | Project DisCo |

Sarah Jeong: Supreme court justices are not  good with computers. | Five Tweet Thoughts |  

Parker Higgins: Every mention of the “cloud” in the Aereo Supreme Court argument. | | Video:

Defamation & media law

Australian, Thai journalists to face court on Thai navy defamation charges. | Australia Network News |

Twibel ruling: Tweeting that someone is “f**** crazy” is not defamatory. | Technology & Marketing Law |

Google gagged: A public fight against a secret order. | LinkTV World News |

Privacy & information security

All sent and received emails in Gmail will be analysed, says Google. | Ars Technica |

Don’t share your location with your friends on WhatsApp. | Naked Security |

We asked Five Eyes what they were up to. Here’s what they said (updated post). | Privacy International |

  • This past week I closely watched the hearings of the Senate Committee considering the Telecommunications (Interception and Access) Act#TIAInquiry:

Legal community has ‘grave concerns’ over new push for mass data collection. | The Guardian |

My storify posts of tweets and commentary concerning the Senate  Committee hearings: +


Etsy, home of the handmade, takes on a wholesaler’s role. | New York Times |

This guy hunts down the men behind revenge porn websites. |  Forbes |

Tim Wu: The many deceptions at the heart of the Internet. | New Yorker |

Joss Whedon will make new movie available immediately online. | LA Times |

Social media

Twitter suspends @JamesDean account: an impersonation rebel with(out) a cause? | The IPKat |

Meet the man behind’s Twitter’s most infamous phrase. | Buzzfeed |

5 LinkedIn tips every lawyer should know. | Kevin O’Keefe |

Big data: Don’t let the billions of data points blind you to the problem of too few sources to check the results. | Brookings |

27 April 2014

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