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Copyright wars are damaging the health of the Internet. | Guardian |

Spain targets advertisers to crack down on piracy. | The 1709 Blog |

How copyright law hurts security research. | Slate Magazine |

Defamation & media law

Whistle blower legislation: the what, who and when you can go public – in a fashion.  | Open and Shut |

Failed media reforms let the public down. | New Matilda |

Privacy & security

Microsoft releases its first report on law enforcement requests. | New York Times |  and Australian police make thousands of requests to Microsoft. | IT News  |

The astonishing speed of Chinese censorship. | BBC |

Big data and a renewed debate over privacy. | New York Times |


The future of the Internet is still ads — and you’re the inventory. | Wired Business |

Spotify ‘to take on Netflix with video streaming’ . | Telegraph |

Google spectre allows Sensis’ TrueLocal deal. | ZDNet |


Telstra exchange fire cost $408,000 a day. | IT News |

Trade marks & brand protection

Zorro: The clash of trade mark law and the public domain. | Art and Artifice |

Social media

Colvin gets a new kidney – and kidney gets a Twitter account. | Sydney Morning  Herald |

US judge says blogging from the courtroom is OK, but tweeting is different. | Digital Media Law Project |

You didn’t make the Harlem Shake go viral – corporations did. | Quartz |


Rooftop drinks in Wlliamsburg
Rooftop drinks in Williamsburg

1 April 2013

Margaritas and cowgirl boots …

6 days in Texas

We are now in wintry New York City following 6 memorable days in Texas, hosted most generously by my friends, Belinda and Lane. It’s  a state where everything is big – cars, roads, food, drinks, hair, guns, Bevo and the personalities.

The tasty, fresh and very good value Mexican food was a highlight from enchiladas at Gueros to ‘The Democrat’ breakfast taco at ‘Torchy Tacos’.  Margaritas were uniformly excellent (and half the price of similar drinks in Australia), including the frozen pre-mixed style available at gas stations for $1.99.

Rooftop bars, including one owned by Lance Armstrong, and the many live music venues make Austin’s nightlife a drawcard and noticeably so for many groups of hen’s parties. The animal print covered stairs at Maggie Mae’s was a special touch.

We were introduced to Southern style cooking at Cracker Barrel Old Country Store. And yes, the portion sizes were huge. The chicken fried chicken, something like a schnitzel, was tasty, the cheese grits a gruel-like sludge made from corn less so.

Tash did an excellent drive acclimatising to driving on the opposite side of the road from Australia for our trip to San Antonio, about 2 hours from Austin.  Here we enjoyed a Texas BBQ at The County Line at one of the Riverwalk’s many restaurants.  The city was noticeably quieter than Austin, less bustle and many more vacant shops and buildings in the centre of town.

My Australian drivers licence wasn’t sufficient to purchase alcohol in the local HEB supermarket but no identity documentation was required to purchase drinks from the small liquor outlet across the car park or at the gas station.  Our other brush with the law, was Tash’s regular voicemail messages noting that someone in her household may have an outstanding matter with the court. Wonder who had her T-Mobile Texas number previously?

With our new ‘cowgirl’ boots, seeing Willie Nelson perform at a benefit night for Alzheimer’s Research was a fitting way to round off 6 days in Texas.

MsLods’ news round-up ~ law & technology (direct from Austin, Texas)



European Commission study concludes “no evidence of digital music sales displacement”.  | EC | (PDF of study).

Jammie Thomas-Rasset case: Supreme Court denies appeal of woman who owes RIAA $222,000. | The Verge|

The Tide is Turning – now is the time to reform copyright for the digital era. | Ericsson |

Defamation & media law

Peter Timmins: News Ltd makes up privacy rules and threats to democracy as it goes. | Open and Shut |

UK media reforms: bloggers and the  Royal Charter. | Paul Bernal |

Privacy & security

Stilgherrian: Backwards attitude to online identity erodes our power. | ZDNet |

AT&T hacker ‘Weev’ sentenced to 3.5 years in prison. | Wired |

They signed up to follow a favourite ABC TV series. So why did they get an email about ugg boots? | SMH |

Should there be a right to be forgotten? The Internet never forgets. | Canberra Times |


Cory Doctorow: What I wish Tim Berners-Lee understood about DRM. | Guardian |

Cisco says its “Internet of Everything”  is worth $14.4 Trillion. | ReadWrite |

Digital film, TV purchases jump 36 per cent. | Australian Financial Review |

Apple boss shifts the blame for high prices. | The Age |


Industry consolidation continues: M2 bids $248 million for Dodo and Eftel. | IT News |

Trade marks & brand protection

What’s in a name? What happens when AdWords don’t add up. |  BRW |

Social media

Mumbai police set up social media labs to monitor Facebook, Twitter. | NextBigWhat |

Parties prepare for digital election battle. | Australian Financial Review |


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23 March 2013

MsLods’ news round-up ~ law & technology



Foxtel CEO demands ISPs implement a system to protect copyright. | Australian Financial Review |

Creative Australia – capturing our digital culture. | Hon Simon Crean |

New Zealand: Soldier to pay $255.97 after flatmates downloaded songs while he was in Afghanistan. | Stuff |  and Rick Shera’s analysis of this decision |  Lowndes Jordan |

Presentations from Australian Digital Alliance’s Copyright Forum now available online:

Defamation & media law

Terry Flew: Very cautious, piecemeal response to Convergence and Finkelstein Reports. | The Conversation |

Rinehart subpoenas Fairfax journalist in trust feud. | The Age |

Political blogger in Wales ordered to pay £25,000 in libel damages to council chief executive. | The Guardian |

Ben Eltham on the contrast between media reform proposals and the new cultural policy. | New Matilda |

Privacy & security

Facebook data is greater than the sum of your likes. | Forbes |

Cyber-espionage is old news. What’s new is the rhetoric, which is reaching a fever pitch right now. | MIT Technology Review |

Significant decision from the US:  Federal judge finds National Security Letters unconstitutional, bans them. | Wired |

Opinion: The Internet is a surveillance state – “and it’s efficient beyond the wildest dreams of George Orwell.”  | CNN |


Spotify: growing like  mad, yet so far to go. | CNET |

Q&A site Formspring, which attracted $14 million in venture  funding is shutting down. | Forbes Tech |


ISPs stare down Telstra backhaul cost increase . |IT News |

Telstra, TPG change ‘unfair’ contract terms following ACCC review . | IT News |

Trade marks & brand protection

Grumpy Cat shows claws, vows to sue infringers. | Paid Content |

Social media

University of Pennsylvania admissions officer fired for mocking applicants on Facebook. | Yale Daily News |

Is Facebook losing its cool? Some teens think so. | Time |

The history of Facebook as told through its ever-expanding list of profile fields .  |  Quartz |


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