Ms Lods’ round-up -> law and technology

MSLODS’ ROUND-UP  – Technology, Intellectual Property & Media Law


 ‘Mass piracy’ law suits back in Australia. Law firm targets end users details. | Delimiter |

Let artists, innovators and the public define our copyright system. | Washington Post |

News from France: Minister accepts recommendation to transfer HADOPI’s powers concerning P2P piracy and replace strike 3 with fines. | The 1709 Blog |

Trans Pacific Partnership: IP Chapter shows no sign of resolution, end of negotiation in 2013 highly unlikely, reports Sean Flynn. | InfoJustice |

Defamation & media law

Melbourne plastic surgeon sues over internet criticism. | The Age |

Sally Bercow tweet defamed Lord McAlpine, High Court rules | The Guardian | Judgment:  (pdf)

Courts face challenge of tweeting and technology. | ABC News |

Privacy & security

Twitter launches heightened security features.  | AllThingsD |

Australia to join the global Open Government Partnership. | OAIC |

In defense of digital freedom. | Marietje Schaake |

Think your Skype messages get end-to-end encryption? Think again. | Ars Technica |


UCLA Health uses Vine, Instagram to live-tweet brain surgery. | LA Times |

What does it mean to “have a conversation” about a new technology? | Tech Liberation |

The real origins of Tumblr. | Daily Dot | “The people who plant the seed are often forgotten through history”, Molina said.

In Facebook we trust. What really happened in the biggest IPO flop ever? | The Atlantic |


Carriers attack NBN Co’s lack of urgency. | IT News |

iiNet to offload Canberra FttP network to NBN Co. | ZDNet |

Trade marks & brand protection

Nutella-maker Ferrero sees the error of its ways. World Nutella Day lives on. | Businessweek  |

IAB launches guidelines to help agencies and marketers with the issue of paid social media advertising. |  mUmBRELLA  Guidelines: (pdf)

Social media

Who owns your social media connections? | Stuff |

Social media puts HR ethics under the spotlight. | The Conversation |

Practical insights from Shane Luder on dealing with a social media backlash. | ntegrity |

27 May 2013

MsLods’ round-up – law and technology

MSLODS’ ROUND-UP  – Technology, Intellectual Property & Media Law


New coalition to Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiators: This is what a Fair Deal looks like. | Australian Digital Alliance |

John Birmingham: Freetard free-for-all because Foxtel won’t compete on Game of Thrones. | SMH |

Kim Dotcom granted leave to appeal his case against the Crown to New Zealand’s highest court. | Stuff |

News from France: Government study proposes dissolving HADOPI. | Telecompaper |

Defamation & media law

Journalist use of social media in court an issue. | Mumbrella| Featuring comment from Kate McClymont.

Peter Timmins on the MEAA’s State of Press Freedom and shield laws. | Open and Shut |

German court orders Google to remove defamatory autocomplete results. | Jurist |

Privacy & security

At Google conference, cameras even in the bathroom. |  New York Times |

Google search reveals private Telstra customer data. | SMH |

China tries to rein in microbloggers.| The Guardian |

Internet security and internet surveillance under scrutiny. | Crikey |


How Bing Crosby and the Nazis helped to create Silicon Valley. | The New Yorker |

How Google beat Apple to a streaming music service. | The Verge |

I am not an IP address. | Cyberleagle |


Fears rise over government web censorship. | Australian Financial Review | with comment from Steve Dalby, iiNet and Senator Ludlam

How the #NBN has (actually) changed my life. | Marcus Westbury |

Australian Budget 2013 analysis from ZDNet: Government scales back NBN advertising and canning the internet filter will save $4.5 million:

Trade marks & brand protection

Couple sues Sun Valley resort and Twitter over reassignment of @sunvalley account. | mtexpress |

This is the most epic brand meltdown on Facebook ever. | Buzzfeed |

Social media

Companies and social media. The message from the regulators? Monitor. | CCH Intelliconnect | My recent post for CCH Australia

Judge’s Facebook friendship with victim’s parent does not taint proceeding. | Technology & Marketing Law Blog |

LinkedIn’s new Privacy Policy:  Reminder: if you live outside the US, LinkedIn Ireland controls your information.

20 May 2013

Budget day, volunteer week and my Mum – updated

My Mum, budget day and volunteer week

It is budget day here in Australia.  I’ve decided to write about my Mum, Margaret. I’d love for the budget to make her happy because she’d love a budget that builds rather than divides our community, one that does not push more people out to the margins.

Mum’s dedicated to her work in aged care and is involved in a range of community activities, some organised and others are just part of who she is. (I can remember leaving out lollies in homemade bon bons for the postie when I was a kid.)

It’s National Volunteer Week and over the past ten years I’ve been particularly impressed with how my mother has continued to visit detention centres; write letters, attend meetings, forums, and rallies, and organise fundraising events for asylum seekers as well as  support refugees who have settled in Ballarat.  Some of these activities such as visiting detention centres have been with my Dad or her friends.

I also love this picture that @Kon_K founder of the Asylum Seeker Centre tweeted of the hundreds of people who attended a recent information night for volunteers.  It’s all too easy to be depressed by the snark, the haters, the gutlessness of our politicians, to “read the comments” and yell at the TV particularly in this election year.  In those moments, I need to remember my Mum and all those working in their own way to make our community a better one for all.

[And here’s a picture of my Mum at my brother Steve and Shu-Ling’s wedding (which was also both Dad and my birthday).]

Update 26 May 2013 

The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre posted this week that baby Helya was born at MITA (Melbourne Immigration Transit Accommodation).

Mum, together with friends of hers from Ballarat regularly visit MITA.  They were at MITA this Wednesday and she said there were at least 20 children of different ages at the visitors centre and many were asking her for clothes. (There may well be more children in MITA as not all were necessarily at the visitor’s centre at the time Mum visited).

Mum said there are a number of toddlers, both boys and girls and also quite a few boys and girls around 7 – 10 years old at MITA. She said warm clothes such as jeans and coats would be particularly appreciated.  (Note donations of clothes or books cannot just be sent to MITA, the staff require the name of a child.)

If you would like to assist, please get in contact with me or you can also donate directly to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre’s Winter Appeal at this link:

MsLods’ news round-up -> law and technology

MSLODS’ ROUND-UP  – Technology, Intellectual Property & Media Law


Copyright trolling is really hard to do profitably, writes Eric Goldman. | Technology and Marketing Law Blog |

“Fair use” takes centre stage at Google Books appeal. | Paid Content |

Copyright provisions in the TPP would stifle innovation and impede the economy. | Electronic Frontier Foundation | -> Next round of Trans-Pacific Partnership talks to be held on 15-24 May in Lima, Peru.

Defamation & media law

Conservative Strategist Lynton Crosby and an Australian twitter libel action. | Inforrm’s Blog |

Court reserves Rinehart decision. | SMH |

Privacy & security

CCTV Cameras: Premier dumps on Administrative Appeals Tribunal but quick to fix ‘loophole’. | Open and Shut |

Snapchats don’t disappear: Forensics firm has pulled dozens of supposedly-deleted photos from android phones. | Forbes |


US government orders removal of Defcad 3D-gun designs. | BBC News |

Yelp and the Wisdom of ‘The Lonely Crowd’. | The New Yorker |

Think again: Big Data, by Kate Crawford. | Foreign Policy |


Bringing health services to outback towns and Australian homes. | News @ CSIRO |

Mobile broadband’s false promise. | ZDNet |

Internet Governance and ICANN: Reflections from Beijing. | Global Voices Advocacy |

Trade marks & brand protection

Disney withdraws trade mark filing for “Dia de los Muertos“. | LA Times |

In the battle of Gucci v Guess, Italian courts side with Guess. | Fashionista

Social media

Twitter is ready to be a true news operation, writes Michael Wolff. | Guardian |

Twitter, not Facebook, chosen by ASX100 firms in social media. | Crikey |

Teens aren’t abandoning “social”. They’re just using the word correctly.  | Medium |

13 May 2013