MsLods’ news round-up – law and technology

MsLods’ Round-up  ~ Technology,  Intellectual Property & Media Law


News from the US: Appeals court upholds $675,000 verdict for song downloads. | Ars Technica |

#Copywrong – social media, transformative use and copyright reform. | ntegrity |

In the land of the morally blind, the blind lead the way. | TechnoLlama |

Defamation & media law

Gordon Wood to sue media for defamation. | Sydney Morning Herald |

Law to shield whistle blowers. | Canberra Times |

Privacy, FOI & security

News from the United Kingdom: Meet PRISM’s little brother: Socmint. | Ars Technica |

The chilling effects of surveillance – Opinion. |  Al Jazeera English |

JCIS national security inquiry reports on data retention. | Crikey  |

US spies on Chinese mobile phone companies, steals SMS data: Edward Snowden. | South China Morning Post |


Tech giants to face tax scrutiny under new law. | IT News |

Sony and Disney begin streaming movies still in theatres in a bold move against piracy. | The Verge  |

Disruptions: medicine that monitors you. | New York Times |


Australian telcos call for ACCC to rein in Telstra. | ZDNet |

Trade marks & brand protection

A trade mark storm is brewing in Melbourne. | Mumbrella |

Social media

David Stratton reviews his fake Twitter account. | Junkee |

46 things we’ve learned from Facebook studies. | Forbes |

Presentations from Social Media Risk Management Conference. | Dialogue Consulting |  Recommend Samantha Yorke’s presentation on the role of regulatory bodies in risk mitigation.


30 June 2013

Ms Lods’ news round-up – law and technology



Filmmakers’ group tries to reshape treaty that would benefit the blind. | The Washington Post |

White House updates intellectual property strategy. | The Hill’s RegWatch |

Online submission form now available. Copyright and the Digital Economy Discussion Paper. | ALRC | Closing date for submissions 31 July 2013.

$3.6m damages for copyright infringement? Buzz off! | Art and Artifice |

Defamation & media law

McLibel leaflet was co-written by an undercover police officer. | Guardian |

Does Twitter belong in the court room? Social media on trial. | Mumbrella |

Law and Justice ministers to revisit journalist shield laws. | Attorney-General |

News from Vietnam: Third blogger arrested in less than a month. | Reporters Without Borders  |

Privacy, FOI & security

Amid ire a U.S., Germany does its own domestic spying. |  Parallels : NPR |

U.S. charges Snowden with espionage. | The Washington Post |

Procedures used by NSA to minimize data collection from US persons: Exhibit B – full document. | Guardian |

Parliament in top gear to protect its own from FOI scrutiny. | Open and Shut |


Kindle’s most-highlighted passages and the soul of the American reader. | New Republic |

Media Watch: Mean new digital world for freelancers. | ABC |

Yes, you’ve chased your kids off Facebook—here’s where they went. | NBC |


ACCC report on Telstra’s SSU: longstanding issues come to light. | ACCC |

The Australian Government snoop patrol: once every two minutes, 24/7, anyone’s data. | Powerhouse |

Attorney-General’s Department:  hiding a data retention gargoyle? | Crikey |

Trade marks & brand protection

Australian Barristers Association threatens to sue tech-savvy barrister. | Lawyers Weekly |

Social media

From me to you: The business of sharing. | confused of calcutta |

Social networking in the 1600s: lessons from the age of the coffee house. | New York Times |

News from UK: DPP publishes final guidelines for prosecutions involving social media communications. | CPS |

Continuous disclosure obligations not that onerous: ASX. | Australian Financial Review |


23 June 2013

Ms Lods’ news round-up – law and technology



Useful Q+A with Professor Jill McKeough on the Copyright Inquiry. | ALRC | Submissions to Discussion Paper due 31 July 2013

News from Ireland: High Court orders six internet service providers to block Pirate Bay access. | Independent |

‘Happy Birthday’ for All: Filmmaker aims to free song from copyright grip. | The Hollywood Reporter |

Some copyright history: Felonius Monk and the Right to Copy. | |

Defamation & media law

Kuwaiti woman jailed for ‘insulting’ emir tweets. | BBC News |

My short update: Australian surgeon withdraws US case against Google over ‘bankrupt’ auto-complete results. | MsLods |

Privacy & security

Serious invasions of privacy in the digital era. Terms of Reference for new ALRC Inquiry. | ALRC  |

Australia gets ‘deluge’ of US secret data, prompting a new data facility. | The Age |

Secret to Prism program: Even bigger data seizure. | AP |

Greens push for data surveillance warrants. | SMH |


U.S. Supreme Court decides Myriad, isolated DNA not patentable. | infojustice |

Ridiculously long men’s room lines at tech conferences: a photo essay – Megan Garber. | The  Atlantic |

New paper from the ACMA: The cloud: services, computing and digital data – Emerging issues in media and communications. | The ACMA| (pdf)

Reviews to see how the Government can better support technology start ups. | DBCDE |


India to send world’s last telegram. Stop. | |

No country for slow broadband. | New York Times |

Google pilots ‘balloon internet’ over New Zealand. | IT News |

Trade marks & brand protection

Did you know that @RolandGarros is an international trade mark? More on sport and branding. | WIPO |

Social media

Can a tweet (or a Facebook post) land you in court? |  ntegrity | My first post for ntegrity.

Twitter told to reveal details of racist users in France. | BBC News |

Introducing #hashtags on Facebook. | Facebook Newsroom |


17 June 2013

MsLods’ news round-up > law and technology



‘Fair use’ could protect cloud services, content caching and data mining copyright claims. | IT News |

ALRC Discussion Paper on Copyright released: Submissions due 31 July 2013

Internet piracy warning letters from UK ISPs delayed to late 2015. | ISPreview UK |

French appear ready to soften law on media piracy. | New York Times |

Defamation & media law

Saudi prince launches defamation action against Forbes magazine over Rich List. | The Guardian |

Google under fire for autocomplete suggestions. |  Law Report – ABC Radio National |

Reporters’ communications targeted in subpoena served direct on sources. | JournLaw |

Privacy & security

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden: ‘I do not expect to see home again’. | The Guardian |

Australia’s first shot at mandatory data breach notification. | Open and Shut |

UN report: the link between state surveillance and freedom of expression. | Privacy International |


The unlikely evolution of the @ symbol. | Fast Co. Design |

3-D printing: Creating ‘a new class of entrepreneurs’. |  The Globe and Mail |

Has Instagram replaced Kodak? | Technollama |


Australia’s slow road to fast broadband. | Phil Dobbie |

Sharp increase in authorities seeking private data. | The Age |

ASIC accidentally blocked another 250,000 sites in scam campaign. | Crikey |

Trade marks & brand protection

Thinking of making money from the PRISM logo? Think twice. | The IPKat |

Domain ‘.book’ ignites fresh e-battle. | The Age |

Penguin ruffled by cabinet minister’s ‘misuse’ of design on flyer. | The Age |

Social media

How social media helps authoritarians. | The Spectator  |  Last year in England and Wales, 653 people faced criminal charges related to their activity on social media.

Social media and opposition to blame for protests, says Turkish PM. | The Guardian |

Twitter’s Melissa Barnes: social media engagement alone ‘doesn’t mean anything’. | Mumbrella  |


10 June 2013