MsLods’ news round-up -> law and technology


TV gets mobile as IceTV plans digital recorder with mobile streaming. | SMH |

First submissions responding to the ALRC’s Discussion Paper on Copyright now online.  | ALRC | Submissions due 31 July 2013

New Zealand delays review of Copyright Act until Trans Pacific Partnership negotiations are completed. | MED |

Sony Pictures wins ‘Midnight in Paris’ lawsuit over Faulkner quote. | The Hollywood Reporter |

Defamation & media law

Shield laws might not protect bloggers and citizen journalists. | Journlaw |

Privacy & security

The only Utah ISP (and one of the few in the US) standing up for user privacy. | Ars Technica |

Unitarian church, gun groups join EFF to sue NSA over illegal surveillance. | EFF |

Privacy International files legal challenge against UK government over mass surveillance programs. | Privacy International |


PayPal apologises for giving Pennsylvania man $92 Quadrillion. | Gawker |

The Road to Resilience: How unscientific innovation saved Marlin Steel. | Fast Company |


Telstra’s Adam Internet deal in limbo. | AFR |

#Unplug: Baratunde Thurston left the Internet for 25 days. | Fast Company |

Trade marks & brand protection

A Derry record-store owner came up with a novel solution, after running into some hassle with HMV. | The Journal |

Social media

IAB Australia releases new social media comment moderation guidelines. | Mumbrella |

Tips to make sure social media snooping doesn’t wreck your working life. | Maurice Blackburn |

LinkedIn top social media platform for ASX 200 companies. And 22% of companies don’t use any social media. | BRW |

Note: I’ll be back with my weekly news round-ups at the end of August.  I’ll be in Europe for the next month – 22 July – 22 August – Helsinki, Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen, Bruges, Zurich, Vienna, Budapest & Rome. Travel tips most welcome.

21 July 2013

MsLods’ news round-up -> law and technology

MSLODS’ ROUND-UP  ~ Technology, Intellectual Property & Media Law


Are fan translations an infringement of copyright? | TechnoLlama |

The Copycat – a heady mix of gorillas, monsters, social media and books! | The 1709 Blog |

Less than 3 weeks left to get submissions into the Australian Law Reform Commission Copyright & the Digital Economy Inquiry. | ALRC |

Defamation & media law

Twitter yields to pressure in hate case in France. | New York Times |

In a legal victory for Wikipedia, the Wikimedia Foundation wins lawsuit brought by former Berlusconi advisor. | Wikimedia blog |

Privacy & security

Microsoft sucked into ever-growing NSA vortex: who’s next? | ZDNet |

Thurgood Marshall’s prescient warning: His dissent in a 1989 case stated that “today’s decision will reduce the privacy all citizens may enjoy.” And so it has. | The Atlantic |

Edward Snowden reveals Australia’s links to secret US spy program. | The Age |


Estonia’s technology cluster: Not only Skype. | The Economist |

The Man who predicted Google Glass forecasts the near future: All Tech Considered. | NPR |

US agency baffled by modern technology, destroys mice to get rid of viruses. | Ars Technica |

Barrett Brown, political prisoner of the information revolution. | Guardian |


The ACCC commences a review of Domestic Transmission Capacity Service (backhaul) and six fixed line services. | The ACCC |

Victorian local council seeks access to private telecommunications data to enforce minor offences. | The Age |

Trade marks & brand protection

Will I am: Pharrell Williams and in trade mark dispute. | Isgoode |

Specsavers and OPSM in new legal stoush. | BRW |

Social media and the twenty-hour hour business. | Paul Wallbank |

Social media

“Technology triumphed over conservatism.”  Law Report Radio National on judges, the legal system and social media. | ABC |

Bank Of America’s Twitter account is one really dumb robot. | Gizmodo Australia |

Opinion: No Twitter marketing ‘revolution’ yet. | Australian Financial Review |

Reddit: A pre-Facebook community in a post-Facebook world. | The Atlantic |


14 July 2013

MsLods’ news round-up – law and technology


Appeals court calls for fair use ruling in Google Books case. | Paid Content |

Copywrong? Social media, transformative use and copyright reform. | ntegrity |

The CopyKat – Tenenbaum, Teutonic Trolls and Tipis top our treats. | The 1709 Blog |

APRA faces opposition to its application for authorisation to act as a legal cartel. | Arts Hub |

Privacy, FOI & security

Privacy business resources: credit reporting – what has changed? | OAIC |

How NSA surveillance destroys privacy and undermines our sovereignty –  Richard Cooke. | The Monthly |

Should ISPs be privacy crusaders? | Internet Ganesha |

Launch of Data Sovereignty and the Cloud – a Board and Executive Officer’s Guide. | The ACMA |  The report:


Coke engineers its orange juice—with an algorithm. | Businessweek |

New angel investor network on the hunt for women-led start ups. | Women’s Agenda |

The woman on the other end of the line. | Medium |

How Google is killing organic search. | Tutorspree Blog |


One-in-five Australians ditch fixed-lines phones. | IT News |

An NBN bonus for News Corp Australia. | Business Spectator |

Telco industry wants Albanese to focus on competition, NBN policy. | ZDNet |

Trade marks & brand protection

When groovy fingers don’t make for good trade marks. | The IPKat |

‘Unjust jeans’ cracks down on consumer campaign. | Bandt |

A new Member State, two wines and one controlled designation of origin. | The IPKat |

Social media

IR umpire upholds dismissal of worker who tried to run rival to his employer via LinkedIn. | BRW |

Australian SMEs not meeting consumers on social media. | Digital business |

Judges’ Facebook friendships insufficient for recusal … again. | Technology  & Marketing Law Blog |


7 July 2013