MsLods’ news round-up on law + technology (+ some travel photos)


Kevin Spacey urges TV channels to give control to viewers. | Telegraph |

International perspective on Australia’s consideration of fair use. | DisCo Project |

Blurred Lines and Best Song Ever hit the dancefloor (and the courtroom?). | The IPKat |

ALP won’t decide on data retention, copyright infringement until after the election. | ZDNet |

Defamation & media law

Journalists and anti-terrorism laws: an Australian perspective. | Media Report – ABC Radio National | (podcast)

Bloggers beware: law uneasy with court reporting by citizen journalists. | No Fibs |

Privacy & security

NZ police affidavits related to Kim Dotcom raid shows PRISM used for surveillance. | IT News |

Webcam spying goes mainstream as Miss Teen USA describes hack. | Ars Technica |

NSA broke privacy rules thousands of times per year, audit finds. | The Washington Post |

New Australian Privacy Principles guidance released for public consultation. | OAIC |


Surprisingly good evidence that real name policies fail to improve comments. | TechCrunch |

Finnish media companies develop a new kind of digital paper. | Digile |

Miranda, PRISM, porn-blocking, it all fits into one agenda … four fears for authoritarians. | Paul Bernal’s Blog |

Google goes dark for 2 minutes, kills 40% of world’s net traffic. | The Register |


High Court grants ACCC leave to appeal TPG decision. | ACCC |

When the politicians get the Internet wrong, the Internet can be ruthless. | Guardian |

ACCC pushes back NBN Co notice again. | IT News |

Trade marks & brand protection

Judge says Chubby Checker can pursue lawsuit against HP over penis-measuring app. | Ars Technica |

Microsoft forced to rename SkyDrive following trade mark case with broadcaster. | The Verge |

Social media

Political strategists get serious about social media. | Lateline |

The importance of being earnest. | Bandt |

No, I will not call it ‘twettiquette”. | Helen Lewis |

25 August 2013