MsLods’ news round-up: law + technology

MSLODS’ ROUND-UP  – Technology, Intellectual Property & Media Law


Judge appears to back Google’s defence of digital books project. | CNET News |

Does copyright law work? | Columbia Journalism Review |

US Post Office to pay $685,000 in damages. | The 1709 Blog |

Defamation & media law

Chief Justice Robert French gags himself to let the videos to do the court’s talking. | The Australian |

Leveson has been ‘disastrous’ says Guardian legal chief. | Press Gazette |

Privacy & security

Proposed changes to Facebook data use policy and statement of rights and responsibilities: OAIC letter to Facebook. | OAIC |

YouTube announces a new commenting system. | Techcrunch |

Eyes on the street or creepy surveillance? | Zephoria |

NSA gathers data on social connections of US citizens. | New York Times |


Trade and technology: What does the Trans Pacific Partnership mean for Australia? | Swinburne |

California’s new ‘online eraser’ law should be erased. | Forbes |


Turnbull asks NBN Co board to resign. | ABC News |

Foxtel ‘triple play’ of great appeal: Thompson. | The Australian |

ACCC decision on NBN access terms  delayed by new government. | ZDNet |

Trade marks & brand protection

“Mark Twain” was a brand. | Salon |

Social media

China lets down its great firewall for Twitter and Facebook. | ZDNet |

Sandi’s Twitter services no longer required: Coalition. | The Age |

Public servants should be impartial online: Australian Government CTO. | IT News |

Horse_ebooks Twitter account run by Buzzfeed employee. Is nothing sacred? | Guardian |

29 September 2013

MsLods’ news round-up: law + technology


Collective copyright trolling in Australia? | The 1709 Blog |

I don’t think that number means what you think it means … | DisCo Project |

Stop treating symptoms and start curing diseases. | Ericsson |

Dish wins again: federal judge in New York refuses to ban Hopper. | The Verge |

Netflix Canada: Piracy down 50 per cent since service’s launch. | Huffington Post |

Defamation & media law

Shield laws up, but not quite there. | Media Watch |

Privacy & security

The United Nations meets 13 Principles against unchecked surveillance. | Electronic Frontier Foundation |

Online privacy and identity – and Disney Princesses! | Paul Bernal’s Blog |

The corrosive effect of surveillance secrecy. | Crikey |

Wi-Fi sniffing lets researchers take social snapshots of crowds. | Techworld |


Pay heed to the internet’s Third Wave Cows of Disruption. | ZDNet  |

The jagged edges of the TPP. | Internet Ganesha |

Google Ngram viewer now in “define”. | bricoleur |

The six men on this list of tech writers most willing to be replaced by women. | Medium |


Brazil’s controversial plan to extricate the internet from US control. | Guardian |

Trans-Pacific cable plans mired in geopolitics. | ZDNet |

One competitor is enough, says Telstra. | IT News |

The NBN Board has run away. Why? | Business Spectator |

Trade marks & brand protection

Pinterest chases away Sprint, others from “pin” trademarks — “Pindle” out of luck. | GigaOM |

Not to be, um, trifled with, Texas guards its slogans. | New York Times |

Social media

LinkedIn Transparency Report. | LinkedIn |

Facebook chases Google’s deep learning with new research group. | MIT Technology Review |

Companies to get protection from activist’s boycotts. | The Australian |

Teen Olympia Nelson takes stand against sexualised selfie photos. | ABC News |



23 September 2013

MsLods’ weekly news round-up on law + technology

MSLODS’ ROUND-UP  – Technology, Intellectual Property & Media Law


New Zealand Greens make new bid to ditch ‘skynet’ copyright law. | Stuff NZ |

Three-strikes laws do not reduce online piracy: study. | IT News |

The ‘I have a dream speech’ and copyright reform. | Project DisCo |

Report: How Google fights piracy. | Google Public Policy Blog |

Defamation & media law

Tweeting by journalists to be allowed from South Australian courtrooms. | ABC News  |

Holiday home owner loses fight with Google Australia. | SMH |

China cracks down on online media with threat of jail for ‘online rumours’. | The Guardian |

Privacy & security

In Facebook‘s new privacy policy updates, your face pics matter. | AllThingsD |

Yahoo files lawsuit against NSA over user data requests. | The Guardian |


A Discussion with Cryptome. | Gawker |

A journalist agitator facing prison over a link. | New York Times |

The consumer has spoken but is anyone listening?  | The Networked Society Blog |


NZ Government restrained in user info requests compared to Australia. | Internet Ganesha  |

iPhones, fingerprints and privacy. | Paul Bernal’s Blog |

Conroy seeks position on Labor front bench. | IT News |

Cutting the red tape. | Cross Talk – Phil Dobbie | (podcast)

Thai telecom company True uncovers the true meaning of communication. | Creativity |

Trade marks & brand protection

Apple App Store trademark hearing set for November 18. | ZDNet |

Bargain for Suntory as Lucozade, Ribena brands change hands. | IPKat |

Social media

Facebook removes ABC’s cheeky image. | Mumbrella |

Social networks blind-sided by new Australian govt’s e-safety tsar. | ZDNet |

Why doesn’t Facebook show you what a ‘Friend of a Friend’ sees on your profile? | Forbes |

When bloggers irritate judges. | Hercules and the umpire. |

15 September 2013

MsLods’ news round-up – law and technology

MSLODS’ ROUND-UP  – Technology, Intellectual Property & Media Law


International criticism escalates against TPP as negotiations go further underground. | Electronic Frontier Foundation |

Ministry of Sound sues Spotify for copyright infringement. | The Guardian |

Myth busting fair use for universities. | Australian Digital Alliance |

Warner Music aims to keep ‘Happy Birthday’ away from the public domain. | The Hollywood Reporter |

Defamation & media law

Algorithmic Defamation: The case of the shameless auto-complete. | Tow Center for Digital Journalism | (US perspective)

England: Twitter user held over Michael Le Vell child rape trial tweet. | BBC |

Helen Liu defamation case: Age journalists ordered to reveal sources. | SMH |

Privacy & security

Sharing our first transparency report. | Yahoo | 704 requests for information from the Australian government.

The terrifying search engine that finds Internet-connected cameras, traffic lights, medical devices, baby monitors and power plants.  | Forbes |

The US government has betrayed the internet. We need to take it back, writes Bruce Schneier. | The Guardian |

Celebrity, privacy and the media: Australia & the UK. | INFORRM |


Bizarro world of hilarious mistakes revealed in long secret personal data files just opened. | Forbes |

The Problem with the “I Forgot My Phone” video. |  Cyborgology |

Microsoft to buy Nokia’s devices, services unit. | ZDNet |


Optus lobbies for copper cost carve-up. | IT News |

Coalition backflips on internet filtering policy. | ZDNet |

Social media

All LinkedIn with nowhere to go. | The Baffler |

Judge Kopf discovers ‘tweet snark’. | Hercules and the umpire |

With privacy battle brewing, Facebook won’t update policy right away. | LA Times |

8 September 2013