MsLods’ news round-up: law + technology


Digital creators call for copyright reform. | Australian Digital Alliance |

A closer look at the Google Books Library Project decision. | The IPKat |

Who owns the Tardis? Son of man who invented Doctor Who’s time machine is challenging BBC over breach of copyright. | The Independent |

Can Australia’s old-hat copyright laws work on the web? | SMH |

Trans-Pacific Partnership – Intellectual Property Chapter

TPP leak confirms the worst: US negotiators still trying to trade away Internet freedoms | Electronic Frontier Foundation |

Trans-Pacific Partnership a ‘corporate wishlist’: iiNet. | AFR |

Secret draft copyright treaty leaked: Meet the Trans-Pacific Partnership. | The Register  |

Five key questions – and answers – about the leaked TPP text. | Washington Post |

Brief overview of the top concerns in the TPP’s Intellectual Property chapter. | Info Justice |

Visualising negotiating positions in the TPP’s Intellectual Property chapter. | To Promote the Progress | US and Australia appear together 83 times.

The Trans Pacific Partnership IP Chapter leaks: the battle over internet service provider liability. | Michael Geist |

Defamation & media law

If Rob Ford sues ex-staffers, he’ll lose. | Toronto Star |

Court orders ABC to pay defamation damages. | ABC News |

Privacy & security

Indonesia angered as leaked documents reveal Australia spied on President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. | ABC News |

Thanks, Snowden! Now all the major tech companies reveal how often they give data to government. | Forbes |

Google: Government requests for user information double over three years. | Google Public Policy Blog |


Netflix and YouTube make up majority of US internet traffic, new report shows. | The Guardian |

Batkid: A heartwarming, very 2013 story. | The Atlantic |

Is Australia ready for the Internet of Things? | Business Spectator |


iiNet mulls moving NBN satellite users onto 3G, 4G. | IT News |

Hackett picked for NBN Co board. | ZDNet |

Telstra leaving clients on hold. | SMH |

Our business and the NBN. | Secret Lab |

Trade marks & brand protection

‘Onesie’ is a trademarked term, even though no one cares. | Consumerist |

Social media

#AskJPM: A Twitter fail for the Ages writes Matt Taibbi. | Rolling Stone |

Chance of tweeting all the way to the bank. | AFR |

18 November 2013

MsLods’ news round-up: law + technology


Modernising (Irish) Copyright: fair use, Irish-style. | The IPKat |

Copyright reform is in the air. | Project DisCo | featuring The Creationistas:

The New York Times endorsed a secretive trade agreement that the public can’t read. | Washington Post |

Rights issue forces last minute change at the Malthouse. | Performing ArtsHub |

Defamation & media law

Today Tonight agrees not to show ambush footage of Simon Gittany. | SMH |

Privacy & security

Australian authorities clock 50% success rate in Apple data requests. | ZDNet |

Google is ordered to block images in privacy case. | New York Times |

Russian Internet Surveillance: meet the new boss, same as the old boss. | Global Voices Advocacy |

Yes, there actually is a huge difference between government and corporate surveillance. | The Washington Post |

Queensland Justice accidentally discloses sensitive data. | iTnews |


You can see a sunset from space. | The Atlantic |

Painting the big picture in cancer care. | Canberra Times | g49ES

From Walmart to Bitcoin: The CEO behind the Chinese exchange sending BTC to new highs. | Forbes |

I Loved You, Blockbuster: Alexis C. Madrigal. | The Atlantic |


What future for Australia’s National Broadband Network? | Computerworld |

NBN Co brings in another Telstra exec. | iTnews |

Trade marks & brand protection

A decades-long rivalry between ‘Patsy’s’ restaurants heats up. | NY Daily News |

Rock’n’roll and a hard place: Can Kelly Van Halen register her name as a trade mark?  | The IPKat |

Social media

Doge is an actually good internet meme. Wow. | Gawker |

Time to turn Twitter’s hashtags into cash bags. | AFR |

The hidden technology that makes Twitter huge. | Businessweek |


10 November 2013

MsLods’ news round-up: law + technology


Pinterest closes another copyright hole, inks a deal with Getty Images. | TechCrunch  |

Piracy is not Hollywood’s fault. Now what does that mean for policy? | Tech Liberation |

UK ISPs told to block 21 pirate sites. | BBC |

Australian ISPs await invites into new anti-piracy talks. | IT News |

Defamation & media law

Kuwait court upholds 10-year sentence for Twitter ‘insults’. | The Washington Post  |

A first for British television as cameras are allowed into Court of Appeal. |  The Independent UK |

Privacy & security

The Real Lesson of NSA: If your power depends on insiders vs. outsiders, time for plan B. | Medium |

No morsel too minuscule for all-consuming NSA. | The New York Times |

NSA infiltrates links to Yahoo, Google data centers worldwide, Snowden documents say. | The Washington Post |


Twitter is weird—and other things fatherhood taught me: Alexis Madrigal. | The  Atlantic |

So you call yourself a geek? | ZDNet |

On the pathological way Apple deals with its customers. | Lessig |


Half-a-million NBN fibre connections in limbo. | IT News |

iiNet CEO calls for NBN usage fee to be cut. | The Australian |

Broadband innovation needs cooperation, not endless fibre talk. | ZDNet  |

Trade marks & brand protection

Backers and opponents both trade mark ‘Obamacare. |  MarketWatch |

The affairs of Tintin in court: destination land of intellectual property. | IPKat | 

Social media

Social media isn’t the main game in a disaster. |  Richard Chirgwin’s Blog |

LinkedIn in privacy storm over claims its iOS apps are ‘hijacking email’. | BRW |

‘Hatching Twitter’ by Nick Bilton – book review. | The New York Times |

3 November 2013