MsLods’ news round-up: law + technology


Tickets now available for Australian Digital Alliance’s Copyright Forum:

Fair use: Why Hollywood studios care about NFL’s Baltimore Ravens logo. | THR |

Legal action over background music could lead to silent nights. | SMH |

Next TPP Ministerial meeting to be put off until February. | Global Post |

Sherlock Holmes is in the public domain American judge rules. | New York Times |

A look back at how the content industry nearly killed Blockbuster & Netflix. | TechCrunch |

Defamation & media law

Ray Hadley to pay $280,000 for defaming woman on show. | SMH |

Sarah Hanson-Young wins opening skirmish in action against Zoo Weekly. | SMH |

Privacy & information security

Researchers publish Snapchat code allowing phone numbers matching after exploit disclosures. | ZDNet |

Stolen Target credit cards are selling for $20-$100 each. | Forbes |

Tech giants issue call for limits on government surveillance of users. | New York Times |

Australia’s real surveillance scandal. | The Global Mail |

European Court strikes a blow for online privacy. | Open Society Foundations |

Transparency Report: Government removal requests continue to rise. | Google Blog |


The year we broke the Internet. | Esquire |

The only thing weirder than a telemarketing robot. | The Atlantic |

Google just bought a mechanised cheetah and other military robots. | Business Week |

2013: The year ‘the stream’ crested. | The Atlantic |


Copper condition curtails cut-price NBN’s great leap forward. | ZDNet |

Australians more reliant on high-speed broadband. | AFR |

HFC in the National Broadband Network. | Simon Hackett |

Trade marks & brand protection

Beyonce rejects tradition for social media’s power. | New York Times |

Australia Post lose appeal in Federal Court. | ARN |

Social media

The blog is dead, long live the the blog. | Nieman Lab |

‘Dinosaur wrangler’ sacked from ‘Jurassic Park’: Fair Work Commission upholds dismissal over Facebook abuse. | JournLaw |

Instagram Direct is Facebook’s latest play for time. | Business Week |

29 December 2013

MsLods’ news round-up: law + technology


Cost of the TPP: Learning from Australia’s copyright experience under AUSFTA. |
Australian Digital Alliance |

2013 brings major fair use wins for tech, entertainment in the US. | Project Disco |

Brandis sits on copyright review until 2014. | ZDNet |

A closer look at the public consultation on EU copyright rules. | The IPKat |

Defamation & media law

Vietnam threatens fines and jail for tweeting critical comments about the government. | Media Bistro |

The man without a name to get one – a small victory for open justice. | JournLaw |

Privacy & information security

Australian spy agency offered to share data about ordinary citizens. | The Guardian |

NSA tracking cell phone locations worldwide, Snowden documents show. | The Washington Post |

Say no to late night venues using biometric surveillance, writes Asher Wolf. | The Guardian |

ASIO raids: the rule of law must be protected, writes Elizabeth O’Shea. | The Guardian |


A drone’s scholar answers the big questions about Amazon’s plans. | The Atlantic |

Google files creepy patent to automate your social media voice. | Slate |


Telcos oppose renting Telstra copper for NBN. | Australian Financial Review |

Senate to explore submarine cable security. | IT News |

Trade marks & brand protection

It’s a “no” to .polo. | Lexology |

Dick Smith facing a fight over OzEmite brand. | The Age |

Social media

Vale Denis Wright: The power of connection on Twitter. | Kat Gallow |

UK Attorney-General to warn Twitter and Facebook users about contempt of court. | |

ACCC blogger guidelines add pressure for business disclosure. | Australian Financial Review |  > ACCC Guidelines: ‘Online Reviews’:

Twitter appoints Marjorie Scardino as first female board member. | New York Times |


8 December 2013

Between the Devil and The Deep Blue Sea screening: what next?


Last night I co-hosted a screening of the award-winning documentary, Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea.   This powerful documentary looks at the circumstances and decisions that lead someone to become a ‘boat person’. In making this film, Jessie Taylor and Ali Reza Sadiqi met with 250 asylum seekers across Indonesia. In the words of the asylum seekers themselves, their stories are told.

We were also very privileged to have Jessie Taylor speak before the screening.

Jessie highlighted that there are a number of practical actions we can all take to both advocate for more humane refugee policy and to assist those refugees & asylum seekers in Australia.

* The wonderful Asylum Seeker Resource Centre has a list of ways you can get involved and also produce excellent fact sheets & mythbusters­ to assist you in discussing these issues.   *Amnesty International also has useful resources on refugee issues if you’d like to learn more.

* Write to your federal Member of Parliament: Oxfam have some tips on how to do this.

*Spread the word: host a screening or encourage friends, family and colleagues to watch Between the Devil & the Deep Blue Sea film. Doco is available to buy for $20 here:­ Facebook:

*Volunteer: there are a range of organisations that work to support asylum seekers and refugees. For example, you could tutor refugees in homework programs.  See Refugee Council’s list of organisations in your community.

For those in Ballarat, my Mum, Margaret and her friend Carmel are hosting an afternoon tea to raise funds for asylum seekers & their families on Thursday 12 December:

Christmas in Detention

Many asylum seekers are spending their fifth year in detention in Australia.

Come and show your support for human rights in Australia and help assist these people and their families.

Afternoon  Tea:       Thursday 12 December

Location: 30 Waller Ave Ballarat    at 1:30pm

 Guest Speaker:   Pamela Curr, Refugee Rights Co-ordinator from ASRC Melbourne will speak on Australia’s present Immigration policy and its repercussions.

Inquiries         0401 175 045   /  53322103


Stalls, entrance prizes

Entry   $15.00    Conc $10.00

Proudly supported by:   Ballarat Regional Multicultural Council  &    House of Welcome

MsLods’ news round-up: law + technology


In the deserts of Sudan and the Gardens of Japan, from Milan, to Yucatan, the CopKat is in the can. | The 1709 Blog |

Copyright and the JFK assassination. | Internet Cases |

Moby talks BitTorrent, Spotify and artist’s digital rights. | Musically |

iiNet’s Steve Dalby on copyright and access to content in Australia. | iiNet Blog |

ALRC’s Copyright and the Digital Economy Final Report delivered to the Attorney-General. | ALRC | Government now has 15 sitting days to table the document.

Here’s why Obama’s trade negotiators push the interests of Hollywood and drug companies. | Washington Post |

Useful table of Trans-Pacific Partnership analyses and commentary: 

Defamation & media law

Lesley Kemp Twitter libel case is dropped. | BBC |

UAE, Kuwait jail two Twitter uses for dissent, blasphemy. | Reuters |

Privacy & information security

UN General Assembly Third Committee approves text titled ‘right to privacy in the digital age’. | UN |

Privacy Commissioner plans hardline approach to new Act. | IT News |

Who is watching the watch lists? | New York Times |

Users ID’ed through typing, mouse movements. | SC Magazine |


Is Google’s secretive research lab working on human-dolphin communication? | The Atlantic |

Netflix may have 20,000 or more customers in Australia – where it hasn’t even launched. | Quartz |

What could replace ‘airplane mode’? | The Atlantic |

Making-of Lady Gaga’s latest video is coming to BitTorrent. | GigaOm |


NBN Co guidance: government can’t handle the unvarnished truth. | ZDNet |

In child porn crackdown, UK’s filter strategy ensares ISPs. | Business Week |

NBN chief puts brakes on FTTN upgrade path. | IT News |

Telstra’s copper is ‘beyond repair’ and an ‘absolute disgrace’: union. | SMH |

Trade marks & brand protection

Starbucks defeated in quest to stop sale of Charbucks coffee. | The IPKat |

Fake LinkedIn profile may cause trade mark infringement. | Technology & Marketing Law Blog |

Cease-and-desist stoush as Kogan gatecrashes Click Frenzy. | Smart Company |

Social media

The NSW Attorney-General says Twitter users did a great job with the Simon Gittany case. | Business Insider |

Twitter: Why 2014 will be a watershed year. | BRW |

Courts struggle to find solution to social media misuse. | AFR |

ManicureMonday: Seventeen’s mag hashtag hijacked by scientists. | Slate |

Why this shepherd loves Twitter. | The Atlantic | 

1 December 2013