MsLods’ news round-up: law + technology


In the deserts of Sudan and the Gardens of Japan, from Milan, to Yucatan, the CopKat is in the can. | The 1709 Blog |

Copyright and the JFK assassination. | Internet Cases |

Moby talks BitTorrent, Spotify and artist’s digital rights. | Musically |

iiNet’s Steve Dalby on copyright and access to content in Australia. | iiNet Blog |

ALRC’s Copyright and the Digital Economy Final Report delivered to the Attorney-General. | ALRC | Government now has 15 sitting days to table the document.

Here’s why Obama’s trade negotiators push the interests of Hollywood and drug companies. | Washington Post |

Useful table of Trans-Pacific Partnership analyses and commentary: 

Defamation & media law

Lesley Kemp Twitter libel case is dropped. | BBC |

UAE, Kuwait jail two Twitter uses for dissent, blasphemy. | Reuters |

Privacy & information security

UN General Assembly Third Committee approves text titled ‘right to privacy in the digital age’. | UN |

Privacy Commissioner plans hardline approach to new Act. | IT News |

Who is watching the watch lists? | New York Times |

Users ID’ed through typing, mouse movements. | SC Magazine |


Is Google’s secretive research lab working on human-dolphin communication? | The Atlantic |

Netflix may have 20,000 or more customers in Australia – where it hasn’t even launched. | Quartz |

What could replace ‘airplane mode’? | The Atlantic |

Making-of Lady Gaga’s latest video is coming to BitTorrent. | GigaOm |


NBN Co guidance: government can’t handle the unvarnished truth. | ZDNet |

In child porn crackdown, UK’s filter strategy ensares ISPs. | Business Week |

NBN chief puts brakes on FTTN upgrade path. | IT News |

Telstra’s copper is ‘beyond repair’ and an ‘absolute disgrace’: union. | SMH |

Trade marks & brand protection

Starbucks defeated in quest to stop sale of Charbucks coffee. | The IPKat |

Fake LinkedIn profile may cause trade mark infringement. | Technology & Marketing Law Blog |

Cease-and-desist stoush as Kogan gatecrashes Click Frenzy. | Smart Company |

Social media

The NSW Attorney-General says Twitter users did a great job with the Simon Gittany case. | Business Insider |

Twitter: Why 2014 will be a watershed year. | BRW |

Courts struggle to find solution to social media misuse. | AFR |

ManicureMonday: Seventeen’s mag hashtag hijacked by scientists. | Slate |

Why this shepherd loves Twitter. | The Atlantic | 

1 December 2013

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