MsLods’ news round-up: law + technology


Canada: Federal Court establishes new safeguards on disclosures in file sharing suits. | Michael Geist |

“Why are we going down a failed path in Australia?”: @Steve_Dalby, @iiNet on graduated response proposals. | Australian Financial Review | 

Lobby pushing for Australian piracy crackdown donates millions. | ZDNet |

Simplicity and fairness will aid innovation.  | Sydney Morning Herald |

The only way to fix copyright is to make it fair. | The Conversation |

Why deny US-style fair use copyright laws to Australians?  | Sydney Morning Herald |

Defamation & media law

Wolf of Wall Street studio hit with $25M defamation suit. | The Guardian |

Ireland: Mayor secures injunction directing Twitter to remove ‘false & grossly defamatory’ tweets. |  Independent |

Privacy & information security

Immigration Department data lapse reveals asylum seekers’ personal details. | The Guardian |

The Information Commissioner has released final guidelines on the new Australian Privacy Principles:

WhatsApp comes under new scrutiny for privacy policy, encryption gaffs. | Forbes |

Senate inquiry into government access and phone data.  | Human Rights Law Centre |   Submissions close 27 February 2014


But they are useless. They can only give you answers.  | Confused of Calcutta |

12-year old creates $350 Braille printer with lego and open source software.  | Geek |


Protecting Internet intermediaries.  |  Project Disco |

Telstra wins legal battle over Optus ads.  | IT News |

Social media

The day we pretended to care about Ukraine. | Politico |

Facebook will no longer change your privacy settings when you die.  | The Verge |

Live in Melbourne? Tweet about law? Less than 2 weeks until #melblawdrinks on Friday  7 March. RSVP & details: 

Federal government tests the mood on immigration. | The Age |

23 February 2014

MsLods’ news round-up: law + technology


A big week for copyright in Australia ….

The Australian Law Reform Commission’s Report on Copyright and the Digital Economy was tabled in Parliament. ALRC’s media release: and the Final Report:

The Australian Law Reform Commission officially recommended adoption of fair use.  | The 1709 Blog |

The following day the Attorney-General addressed the Australian Digital Alliance’s Forum:  (Full text of the speech)

Stop the torrents: Australian government eyes copyright crackdown.  | ZDNet |

So are graduated warnings or site-blocking effective?  I considered some of the evidence last month. |

Privacy & information security

David Rolph on privacy and the Internet. | INFORRM |

Metadata surveillance is an invasion of privacy. | National Post |

Internet surveillance: today is the day of we fight back. | The Guardian |

Senate inquiry into government access and phone data.  | Human Rights Law Centre |   Submissions close 27 February 2014


Do make the time to read this piece from @zeynep: The Internet good or bad? Yes. |  Medium |

Data-driven policy and commerce requires algorithmic transparency.  |  Tech Republic |

Lululemon is trying to ban customers who try to resell their clothes online.  | SFGate |

The life and sudden death of ‘Flappy Bird’. | Business Insider Australia |


Separating NBN costs from NBN benefits. |  Business Spectator |

TPG’s FTTB play a headache for Turnbull.  | Australian Financial Review |

The NBN Panel of Experts released a Regulatory Framing Paper. | Department of Communications |

Social media

So why tweet? My post for the Law Institute of Victoria. | LIV Young Lawyers |

Make sure a stranger isn’t getting your Facebook messages. | Forbes |

The Labor of Social Media. | Jacobin |

In Melbourne and tweet about law? Join us for #Melblawdrinks on 7 March. RSVP and details:

Free ride’s over for social media marketing, so get used to it.  | Australian Financial Review |

The year I didn’t retweet men.  | Medium |

16 February 2014

MsLods’ news round-up: law + technology


Cory Doctorow: What happens to digital rights management in the real world? | The Guardian |

How the Simpsons took on Hollywood and got its audience back. | The Atlantic |

The annual @Aus_Digital Forum is on in Canberra this week. Check out the program:

What will the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement say on geo-blocking? Advice to DFAT from the ACCC on a range of consumer issues:  (heavily redacted).

Defamation & media law

Max Mosley v Google Inc, Google go down (again, this time) in Hamburg.  | INFORRM |

Turnbull hints at shift in media ownership laws. | Australian Financial Review |

A popular Indonesian blogger and minor Twitter celebrity has been sentenced to one year of probation over libelous tweets. |  The Jakarta Globe |

Privacy & information security

Credit card offer addressed to ‘Lisa Is A Slut McIntire’. | Forbes |

Snowden docs: British spies used sex and ‘dirty tricks’. | NBC News |

Fighting for more #transparency. |  Twitter blogs |

Microsoft, Facebook, Google and Yahoo release US surveillance requests. | The Guardian |


You can explain EBay’s turnaround with just this one crazy story. | Business Insider |

Tim Wu: As technology gets better, will society get worse? | The New Yorker |

Atlassian – the untold story. | Business Insider |

New surveillance technology can track everyone in an area for several hours.  | The Washington Post |

The story behind ‘Milk Road’, the bitcoin cookie stand. | Forbes |


Paying to travel in the internet’s fast lanes. |  New York Times |

NBN debate continues in a policy vacuum. | Budde Blog |

Telstra takes Optus to court to stop ads. | Australian Financial Review |

Reminder: Senate Inquiry into Surveillance (Review of TIA Act) submissions due 27 February: 

Tim Berners-Lee: We need to re-decentralize the Web. | Ars Technica |

iiNet concerned about integration overhead for Malcolm’s MTM NBN |  IT News |

Social media

Twitter in legal war over @JamesDean | The Hollywood Reporter |

“Twitter binds the process of informing to the process of emoting”, @ftrain & @mattbuchanan Death in a Crowd. | The New Yorker | 

Facebook’s fatal weakness: Why the social network is losing to Apple, Amazon and Google. | Salon |

9 February 2014

MsLods’ news round-up: law + technology


US Judge rules against mass claims in copyright cases.  | The 1709 Blog |

Blocking doesn’t work: Dutch courts lift Pirate Bay ban. | Ars Technica |

Fair use takes centre stage at Judiciary Committee hearing. | EFF  |

Defamation & media law

Google’s defamation case in India underscores challenges in ensuring internet freedom.  | Tech Crunch |

Abbott’s attack on the ABC proves politicians are free press chameleons. | JournLaw |

Courtney Love cleared in Twitter libel case. | BBC News |

Whistleblower law commences to mostly silence, little applause. | Open and Shut |

Privacy & information security

Spy agencies tap data streaming from phone apps. | New York Times |

When big data marketing becomes stalking. | Scientific American |

Profile of EFF’s Cindy Cohn: Reining in the NSA. | California Lawyer |

Meet “ChewBacca” the point-of-sale malware that infected dozens of retailers. | Ars Technica |


Giant hologram of Turkish Prime Minister delivers speech. | The Atlantic |

Aaron Swartz: A beautiful mind. | The Age |

The blog turns 20: A conversation with three internet pioneers. |  The Guardian |

How Twitter won the second screen wars. | Tech Land |


NBN is a policy vacuum: iiNet. | ZDNet |

Thoughts about my transition from Internode to NBN Co. | Simon Hackett |

NBN Co’s “fibre ramp-up” is pure fantasy.  | IT News |

Social media

Flipping the switches on Facebook’s privacy controls. | New York Times |

Doesn’t anyone read the news? – Tim Wu. | The New Yorker |

Journalists allowed to tweet in WA Courts. | The West Australian |

Adventures in Identity: Still struggling with Google+. | Stilgherrian |

2 February 2014