MsLods’ news round-up: law + technology


Why we filed an amicus brief in Garcia v Google: blaming 3rd parties has a serious impact on free speech. | Techdirt |

  • Last week was the much-anticipated oral argument before the Supreme Court in the Aereo case. Here’s some commentary from folk who camped out overnight to get a seat in the courtroom:

Ali Sternburg: 8 takeaways from the Aereo supreme court oral argument. | Project DisCo |

Sarah Jeong: Supreme court justices are not  good with computers. | Five Tweet Thoughts |  

Parker Higgins: Every mention of the “cloud” in the Aereo Supreme Court argument. | | Video:

Defamation & media law

Australian, Thai journalists to face court on Thai navy defamation charges. | Australia Network News |

Twibel ruling: Tweeting that someone is “f**** crazy” is not defamatory. | Technology & Marketing Law |

Google gagged: A public fight against a secret order. | LinkTV World News |

Privacy & information security

All sent and received emails in Gmail will be analysed, says Google. | Ars Technica |

Don’t share your location with your friends on WhatsApp. | Naked Security |

We asked Five Eyes what they were up to. Here’s what they said (updated post). | Privacy International |

  • This past week I closely watched the hearings of the Senate Committee considering the Telecommunications (Interception and Access) Act#TIAInquiry:

Legal community has ‘grave concerns’ over new push for mass data collection. | The Guardian |

My storify posts of tweets and commentary concerning the Senate  Committee hearings: +


Etsy, home of the handmade, takes on a wholesaler’s role. | New York Times |

This guy hunts down the men behind revenge porn websites. |  Forbes |

Tim Wu: The many deceptions at the heart of the Internet. | New Yorker |

Joss Whedon will make new movie available immediately online. | LA Times |

Social media

Twitter suspends @JamesDean account: an impersonation rebel with(out) a cause? | The IPKat |

Meet the man behind’s Twitter’s most infamous phrase. | Buzzfeed |

5 LinkedIn tips every lawyer should know. | Kevin O’Keefe |

Big data: Don’t let the billions of data points blind you to the problem of too few sources to check the results. | Brookings |

27 April 2014

MsLods’ news round-up: law + technology


‘Copyright troll’ Prenda Law completely bombs at appeal court. | Ars Technica |

Hollywood studios launch action against Megaupload. | The Hollywood Reporter |

Singapore decides ‘three-strikes laws’ are too intrusive. | The Register |

ISPs line up for fresh piracy negotiations. | Australian Financial Review |

Costs must be fixed first in piracy solution: Comms Alliance | ZDNet |

Film lobby emails detail persistence for copyright crackdown. | ZDNet |

Defamation & media law

Mamamia faces contempt of court probe following Robert Hughes case report. | Mumbrella |

UK laws set to give Attorney-General power to online news archives in the run-up to trials. | Press Gazette |

Russia: A book too far. | The Economist |

Privacy & information security

SANs warns end users against Heartbleed patch panic. | ZDNet |

Snowden, Greenwald urge caution of wider government monitoring. | Reuters |

Europe says no to data retention, so why is it an option in Australia? | The Conversation |

Four of Sweden’s telcos stop storing customer data after EU data directive is overthrown. | ZDNet |


Yahoo rolls the dice on TV. | New York Times |

Why the government should provide internet access. | Vox |

Social media

Social media dobbing on public servants could breach the Privacy Act. | SBS News |

Coming soon a whole new you, in your Twitter profile. | Twitter |

Nothing to ‘like’ about social media gag. | The Drum |

Government cyber snoops scour social media. | The Age |

Parody accounts re-emerge ahead of election.  | Brisbane Times |

14 April 2014

We can do something: #MITAdonate #JusticeforRefugees

As some of you may have read in the past, my Mum, Margaret regularly travels from Ballarat to visit people seeking asylum at MITA, a detention centre in Broadmeadows.

Yesterday, my parents and I joined thousands of people around Australia who walked for Justice for Refugees. On their way home to Ballarat, Mum visited MITA and gave clothes and other items to 7 families. (I donated my Richmond scarf to a boy who is a keen supporter. He and his family have been in MITA for nearly a year.)

Mum has given me some further suggestions for donations for those who’d like to help those at MITA. Any assistance would be very much appreciated. Items can be either new or good quality second-hand.

Men, women and children

  • Jeans (straight or narrow legs only
  • T-shirts
  • Warm tops, jackets, night wear etc for winter
  • Hats, scarfs and glove
  • Shoes (no high heels)

Women and girls

  • Leggings
  • Headbands, hair clips, necklaces, bracelets


  • Colouring, activity, and sticker books
  • Pencil cases, coloured pencils, textas


  • Large pieces of material (about 2 metres) for making tops and dresses
  • Backpacks for children
  • Soft travel bags or sport bags for adults
  • Large handbags or bags to carry nappies etc.

If you are able to assist (and live in Melbourne or Ballarat), please get in contact with me.


There are also a number of practical actions we can all take to both advocate for more humane refugee policy and to assist those refugees & asylum seekers in Australia.

* The wonderful Asylum Seeker Resource Centre has a list of ways you can get involved and also produce excellent fact sheets & mythbusters­ to assist you in discussing these issues.   *Amnesty International also has useful resources on refugee issues if you’d like to learn more.

* Write to your federal Member of Parliament: Oxfam have some tips on how to do this.

*Spread the word: host a screening or encourage friends, family and colleagues to watch Between the Devil & the Deep Blue Sea film. Doco is available to buy for $20 here:­ Facebook:

*Volunteer: there are a range of organisations that work to support asylum seekers and refugees. For example, you could tutor refugees in homework programs.  See Refugee Council’s list of organisations in your community.

MsLods’ news round-up: law + technology


Voluntary copyright alert program could be operational by end of 2014, says UK government. | Out-Law |

European court allows website blocking. | Technollama |

Aereo gets support from cable operators, law professors, tech industry.  | The Hollywood Reporter |

Forget suing filesharers: in 2014, anti-piracy efforts follow the money. | The Guardian |

Defamation & media law

Lawyer files $1.2 million defamation claim against Campbell Newman, Jarrod Bleijie. | Brisbane Times |

Supreme Court to hear internet defamation dispute. | The Irish Times |

The story behind the Rob Ford story.  | The Walrus |

Privacy & information security

Deputy leader is happy to see telcos collect metadata for the intelligence community. | The Guardian |

Australian Law Reform Commission seeks input into Proposals for Reforms to address Serious Invasions of Privacy. | ALRC |

Privacy: rationales government use to claim mass snooping is legal – Ken Roth. | The Age |

PM: iiNet attacks the ‘fallacy’ of metadata and mandatory data retention. |  ABC Radio |


A tech CEO’s passion for pinballs. | Forbes |

XBox password flaw exposed by 5-year old boy.  | BBC News |

Social media

USAID’s boneheaded idea to secretly make a “Cuban Twitter” just put Internet activists all over the world in danger. | Politico |

How Twitter has changed over the years in 12 charts. | The Atlantic |

Context and the digital divide.  | Paul Wallbank  |

5 April 2014