MsLods’ news round-up: law + technology


Deal to combat piracy in UK with alerts is ‘imminent’. | BBC News |

How Disney learned to stop worrying and embrace copyright infringement.  | The Salon |

Copyright troll demands Comcast’s six strikes data for lawsuit.  | Torrentfreak |

Spotify chief hits back over piracy.  | Australian Financial Review |

Defamation & media law

Ireland: Court tells Sharkey to take down his tweet. | Independent |

E-libel laws the new front line in Pacific battles for freedom. | The Conversation |

Defamation should be law reform focus not racial discrimination: Richard Ackland.  | Sydney Morning Herald |

Privacy & information security

Photos of a NSA “upgrade” factory shows a Cisco router getting an implant. | Ars Technica |

Worst day for eBay, multiple flaws leave millions of users vulnerable to hackers. | Hacker News |

We kill people based on metadata.  | The New York Review of Books |

The right response to the right to delete. | Re/code |

US cybersecurity expert warns against metadata storage.  |  Australian Financial Review |

Snowden’s first move against the NSA was a party in Hawaii. | Wired |

The little conference that kickstarted the Web: Mark Pesce. |  The Drum |

Why I was forced to shut down Lavabit. | The Guardian |

Computer mice: still a thing. | The Atlantic |

Living on Bitcoin a year later: dropping digital dollars at a strip club. | Forbes |

Giants behaving badly: Google, Facebook and Amazon show us the downside of monopolies and black-box algorithms. | GigaOm |

Social media

Can an algorithm solve Twitter’s credibility problem? | The New Yorker |

With update, Snapchat gets a little less private. | The New York Times |

Alleged insider trading case cracked through LinkedIn. | SMH |

A platform and a blogging tool, Medium charms writers. | The New York Times |

26 May 2014

MsLods’ news round-up: law + technology


Stop the pirates? Behind Brandis’ copyright crusade. | The Conversation |

Obama: TPP critics have “a lack of knowledge of what is going on in the negotiations”. | InfoJustice |

The conservative case for taking on the copyright lobby. | Business Insider |

Defamation & media law

Weibo: we can’t censor fast enough to satisfy the Chinese government. | Salon |

Protecting journalists’ sources: don’t take your smart phone. | Global Voices |

Privacy & information security

Everyone is under surveillance now, says Edward Snowden. | The Guardian |

We need online alter egos now more than ever. | Wired |

Is the EU really about to outlaw mass data surveillance? | Wired (UK) |

Coca-Cola is using facial recognition technology on fridges in Australia to sell more drinks. | Business Insider |

How one woman hid her pregnancy from big data. | Mashable |

Baby monitor hacker still terrorizing babies and their parents. | Forbes |


ATO to coin new rules after crypto-currency talks. | Australian Financial Review |

Judge’s ruling spells bad news for U.S. cloud providers. | GigaOm |

Embed with Katharine Neil and Harvey Smith. | Embed with Games |

Technology and privacy law in the US will soon be shaped by people who don’t use email. | The Guardian |

Social media

The censorship effect. | TechCrunch |

Twitter is not dying. It’s on the cusp of getting much bigger. | Slate |

Why Facebook’s new ‘anonymous login’ matters. | Forbes |

Domino’s adopts 24/7 social media monitoring. | Australian Financial Review |

Department of Premier & Cabinet’s social media policy. | DPC Victoria |

Another questionable IP law suit over a derogatory twitter account.  | Technology & Marketing Law Blog |

4 May 2014