Weekly MsLods round-up

In this weeks MsLods round-up: The Pirate Bay is back online, a judge awards man $50,000 defamation suit against US anti-autism blogger and social media is not electronic graffiti.


What’s breaking Hollywood? It’s not infringement. | DisCo Project |

The Pirate Bay is back online. | TorrentFreak |

Book now for the ADA Forum – 13 February. | Australian Digital Alliance |

Music piracy has been ‘virtually eliminated’ in Norway. | MusicBusiness |

New animal selfie alert! | The 1709 Blog |


Defamation, freedom of expression & media law

Defiant editor Alan Morison to return to face Thai Navy defamation case. | The Guardian |

Judge awards man $50,000 defamation suit against US anti-autism blogger. | The Age |

Secret police taskforce tailed journalist: Inquiry targets bugging, whistleblowing and cover-ups. | SMH |

OAIC continues to operate while bill to scrap it awaits the return of the Senate. | Open and Shut |

Mass surveillance is fundamental threat to human rights, says European report. | The Guardian | 


Privacy & information security

The privations of privacy: from dystopia to dysaguria.  | Cearta |

This week in your metadata: the government wants it, telcos don’t mind. | Gizmodo |

AGD slammed for secrecy on data retention costs. | IT News |

Legal experts are calling for greater oversight of mandatory data retention. | CNET |

ASIO isn’t required to delete data it receives under mandatory data retention. | ZDNet | 

British securocrats try to sneak in Snoopers Charter again. | Gigaom |

Michael Hayden’s hollow constitution. | The Atlantic |

“I’ve paid you about $15,000 over the years” – I’d like my privacy back.  | Fusion |

194 submissions lodged on Australia’s controversial Data Retention Bill. | PJCIS |


Socialize the data centres! An interview with Evgeny Morozov. | New Left Weekly |

With a few bits of data, researchers identify ‘anonymous’ people. | New York Times |

Canadian spies track millions of downloads daily: Snowden files. | CBC |

Drug Dealers are swapping crack for Nokia 8210s. | Vice |  

Our cities shouldn’t rely on Uber to devise new transport strategies. | The Guardian |


Social media

Social media is not electronic graffiti. | The Interpreter |

‘This.’ Has people clamouring for an invite. | New York Times |

Facebook sex tape case has implications for privacy law in Australia. | SMH |

1 February 2015

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