Weekly News Round-up

In the weeks MsLods round-up: Major labels keep 73% of Spotify premium payouts, whistleblower John Kiriakou, only person jailed over CIA torture program, is out of prison and in a historic ruling, U.K. surveillance secrecy declared unlawful.


Negotiators burn their last opportunity to salvage the TPP by caving on copyright term extension. | EFF |

After Sony hacking, MPAA considers major changes. | New York Times |

Anti-piracy advocate Roadshow beefs up political donations. | ZDNet |

Major labels keep 73% of Spotify premium payouts. | Music Business Worldwide |

‘FAIR: Freedom of Access to Information & Resources’ library advocacy campaign launches. Check out & follow

Katy Perry’s lawyers demanding take-down of a 3D-printable left shark. | Gigaom |


Defamation, freedom of expression & media law

Whistleblower John Kiriakou, only person jailed over CIA torture program, is out of prison. | Boing Boing |

Tasmania drops plans to let corporations sue protestors for defamation. | The Guardian |

Outgoing Australian Press Council chair Julian Disney levels criticism at media practices. | ABC |  

UK: ‘Vexatious’, ‘annoying’ and disruptive, Press Gazette barred by MET from asking more RIPA questions.  | Press Gazette |


Privacy & information security

In historic ruling, U.K. surveillance secrecy declared unlawful. | The Intercept |  

Government wants metadata laws by March. | The Age |

Examples of how data retention will impact on everyday Australians. | Crikey |

Data retention: too many unknowns, too many unanswered questions. | The Guardian |.  (by me)

Gmail, Facebook, Skype excluded from Australian data retention regime. | ZDNet |

Sharing images and not caring. | NZ Privacy Commissioner |  

White House to mandate deletion of irrelevant private data collected by surveillance agencies. | The Verge |  


Stop equating women in tech with engineers. | Medium |

US: The federal government could be taking pictures of you in your car. | Fusion |

“The intelligence agencies are living in a golden age of surveillance.” — PGP creator Phil Zimmermann. | The Guardian |

Hi-tech fashion redefines the meaning of revealing clothing. | New York Times |

All my blogs are dead. | The Awl |

How the Internet has made social change easy to organize, hard to win. | TED |


Social media

Facebook faces fight in Europe over new privacy  policy. | Gigaom |

Twitter reaches deal to show tweets in Google search results. | Bloomberg |

What happened when I confronted my cruellest troll. | The Guardian |

Stupid tricks with promoted tweets. | Medium |

Twitter CEO admits cyber bullying poses threat to revenue growth”. |  ABC – The World Today | 

7 February 2015


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