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This week in the MsLods Round-up: The Conversation asks can you copyright a feeling? Copyright trolls rush in to take advantage of Canadian notice system loopholes, reports Techdirt and The Guardian reports that Malcolm Turnbull has put a plan for media ownership reform on the PM’s desk.


Can you copyright a feeling? The Blurred Lines case shows there’s something wrong with copyright. | The Conversation |  

US $7.4m Blurred Lines verdict beats high mark of $5.4m that Michael Bolton paid for infringing Isley Brothers’ song. | The Hollywood Reporter |  

More copyright trolls rushing in to take advantage of Canadian notice system loopholes. | Techdirt |

UK: Sky will hand over customer data in movie piracy case. | Torrentfreak |

RIAA + MPAA are pressuring ICANN to force registrars to suspend domains over “copyright abuse complaints”. | Washington Post |

US: Piracy lawsuits dominated by just three movie companies. | Torrentfreak | 


Defamation, freedom of expression & media law

Malcolm Turnbull puts plan for media ownership reform on PM’s desk. | The Guardian |

Treasurer for wail. | The Saturday Paper |

 defamation case: Federal Court won forum shopping case, but why, and how? | The Social Litigator |

Travels with my censor. | The New Yorker |

Australia’s first Instagram defamation case? Bikini Girl v Banana Girl. | The Daily Mail | 

Parliamentary inquiry into access to journalists’ communications data Submissions due 2 April. Report 4 June.

Whistleblowers who revealed child abuse on Nauru being investigated by AFP. | The Guardian | 


Privacy & information security

EU Commission says it will not propose a new data retention law. | Reuters |

Post-Snowden Parliamentary inquiry calls for tighter safeguards on spooks’ access to “metadata”. | The Register |

Half a million communications data access requests authorised in UK last year. | The Guardian |

Dutch court suspends mandatory data retention laws. | ZDNet |

Victory in Paraguay as harmful data retention bill rejected. | Access |  

Bulgaria’s Constitutional Court scraps data retention provisions. | Sofia Globe |

“Dragnet surveillance programs make ensuring attorney-client privilege difficult if not impossible”. | NACDL |  

Australian lawmakers can’t use phones, will vote on data retention. | ZDNet | 

What ‘safeguards’ are in Australia’s data retention laws? | The Conversation |

Data retention laws will hurt big business whistle blowers. | SMH |

Updated overview of the EU & data retention laws. | MsLods |

Data retention is also a data creation scheme in Australia. | MsLods |

Secret Snowden documents show Canadian agency suffers from “information overload” because it collects “too much data”. | The Intercept |  

Your mother’s maiden name has been a ‘security question’ since 1882. | Fusion |



We are citizens, not mere physical masses of data for harvesting. | The Guardian |

NSA call records program didn’t stop a single terrorist attack. | Common Dreams |

U.K. Parliament says banning Tor is unacceptable and impossible. | Daily Dot |

Drone owners register called for by House of Lords. | BBC |

North Korean rebels hope to topple Kim Jong-un by smuggling in USB drives packed with foreign TV shows and movies. | Wired |

Life as mobile telco in Afghanistan. | ZDNet | 


Social media

‘s presentation on Social Media in Academic Practice:

Facebook has closed a Hobart child sex offender’s account after a boast about attack. | The Mercury |  

Senate passes law to fine web giants over online bullying. | IT News |

In case where Twitter stood up for users’ privacy, judge reverses ground and quashes subpoena. | Public Citizen|  

NSW Premier Mike Baird tried to make a viral video, ended up infringing copyright instead. | Junkee | 


15 March 2015


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