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It’s been quite a few weeks between posts … so let’s start with some good news.  Last month a Bill making some much needed reforms to copyright law was introduced into Parliament. As Nic Suzor explained, if passed the reforms will enable people with disabilities to access and enjoy books and other material in formats they can use.

Turning to the courts, the latest application to block piracy websites has kicked off and a gangland lawyer lost a defamation case against Google Australia. In the US, Twitter sued Customs & Border Protection over an administrative summons to unmask the identity of a pseudonymous Twitter account critical of the Trump administration. And I read some engaging articles about technology on topics as varied as automating medical diagnosis and farmers “hacking” tractors.  That’s just some of the (relatively) recent law + tech news.   Happy reading!


Australia’s copyright reform could bring millions of books to the blind. | The Conversation |

Piracy crackdown: Website blocking to get a lot quicker, cheaper. | Computerworld |

Scare tactics down under: The ongoing global effort to mislead on Canadian copyright. | Michael Geist |

US Supreme Court holds cheerleading uniforms eligible for copyright protection. | IPKat |


Facebook invites New Matilda to share “memory” that got them suspended from Facebook. | New Matilda |

Gangland lawyer’s bid to sue Google Australia for defamation fails, still chasing US parent. | The Age | (Summary judgment via Austlii)

Google and Facebook can’t just make fake news disappear.  | Backchannel |

Eileen Bond calls Nine’s new telemovie about late, ex-husband Alan ‘appalling’. | News | 


How Twitter sued US Customs & Border Protection & won almost instantly. | Motherboard |

Tim Berners-Lee: selling private citizens’ browsing data is ‘disgusting’. | The Guardian |

A Brisbane police officer charged with using the force’s database to undertake checks for personal purposes. | IT News |

The passage of Australia’s data retention regime: national security, human rights, & media scrutiny. | IPR |

Wi-Fi sex toy with built-in camera fails penetration test. | The Register |

When you buy tickets from Ticketek they will collect up to 500 points of data on you. | IT News |

Will the human right to privacy “experience a full transition to the digital age”?  | OHCHR |


The Ranking Digital Rights 2017 Corporate Accountability Index is now online. | Ranking Digital Rights |

The important algorithms we know nothing about — and why we need to know more. | ABC |

Right to repair: Why American farmers are hacking their tractors with Ukrainian firmware. | Motherboard |

Voice is the next big platform, unless you have an accent. | Backchannel |

A dispute over a garage-door opener shows just how much control manufacturers have over your internet-connected things. | The Atlantic |

What happens when diagnosis is automated? | New Yorker |

Event: Democratisation of knowledge with Katherine Maher, Executive Director of Wikimedia Foundation. | MKW |

10 April 2017

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