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Federal Parliament  is now back from Winter recess,  and while other matters have certainly grabbed the headlines, the Senate passed the telco sector security reforms Bill that’s been in the pipeline for quite a few years. And I (+ a few tech journos) read the first annual Attorney-General’s Department report covering the start of the data retention scheme tabled in Parliament this week. If you’re curious, the majority of offences for which data was requested by enforcement agencies were illicit drug offences (57,166 requests).

In the courts, Foxtel is continuing to seek orders to block piracy sites and a blogger was jailed for contempt for naming Tim Worner’s alleged lovers.   From the US, I recommend Kashmir Hill’s investigation on what happens when you tell the Internet you’re pregnant.   That’s just some of the recent law + tech news & views. Happy reading!


More than 120 domains on Foxtel’s piracy hit list. | Computerworld |

Voltage Pictures lawyer renounces ‘unethical’ BitTorrent copyright suits. | Variety |

How to think left on copyright: Lizzie O’Shea | Overland |

Explainer: what is ‘fair dealing’ and when can you copy without permission?: Nic Suzor | The Conversation |

Embracing digital change: electronic deposit 18 months on. | NLA |


Blogger Shane Dowling jailed for contempt for naming Tim Worner’s alleged lovers. | SMH |

Secrecy and security envelop George Pell’s magistrates court show. | The Guardian |

The crackdown on Turkey’s free press, through the eyes of a court reporter. | Politico |


The Privacy Commissioner has concluded the investigation into the Red Cross Blood Service data breach. | OAIC |

Privacy experts sound alarm over barcodes on marriage equality ballots. | The Guardian |

Almost AU$200m later, data retention most used for chasing drugs, not terror. | ZDNet |

Using a fitness app taught me the scary truth about privacy settings. | SBS |

Ex-MI5 chief warns against crackdown on encrypted messaging apps. | The Guardian |  83 organisations & individuals sign coalition letter demanding 5 Eyes respect encryption.

Apple flies in top executives to lobby Turnbull government on encryption laws. | SMH |

Even teenagers are creeped out by Snapchat’s new map feature. | Slate |

What happens when you tell the Internet you’re pregnant. | Jezebel |

Listen: The emergence of data ethics to shape our digital lives: Ellen Broad. | ABC Big Ideas |

Watch: Panel on Digital Privacy today, presented by Liberty Victoria and the Wheeler Centre


Pornography is everyone’s business, writes e-safety Commissioner. | eSafety Office |

Aussie airport smartgates to be ditched for facial recognition in $22m deal. | IT News |

How one European smart city is giving power back to its citizens. | Alphr |

Digital Australia 2018 latest research into demographics, consumption and attitudes towards video games. | IGEA |

How algorithms make important government decisions — and how that affects you. | ABC |

Government releases guidelines for website-blocking power. | Computerworld |

Australia to try taming unruly cyber words. | ZDNet |


Image: by Daniel Arauz (CC 2.0)

15 August 2017

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