Weekly news round-up

No, half of Australians aren’t pirates; librarians are cooking for copyright reform, Hockey has a hefty legal bill, a jeep got hacked remotely, data retention legislation was ruled unlawful in the UK and the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner has been left to shrivel.

That’s just some of the law + tech news from the past week … happy reading.

Weekly* news round-up

So while I was overseas … website blocking laws passed in Australia, the #HockeyFairfax judgment was delivered, confusion over implementation of data retention persisted and the e-safety commissioner officially commenced his role on 1 July.

Kashmir Hill was an invisible girlfriend for a month, the debate about access to encrypted data continued and the Atlantic asked who owns your face?   That’s just some of the law + tech news from the past few weeks … happy reading.

Weekly News Round-up

It’s been a while since my last post as my blog has had a long overdue revamp.

The Dallas Buyers Club saga continues in the Federal Court, a Senate Committee is due to report on the website blocking bill on 9 June, while recent research from the EU says that shutting down pirate sites has no positive effect. There’s already a new agency, Australia Border Force, added to the list that can obtain access to our retained data and the government’s planning a National Facial Recognition Capability.  That’s just some of the law + tech news from the last month … happy reading.