Weekly news round-up

The big law + tech story this past week came on Friday as Dallas Buyers Club were refused access to the details of alleged “pirates”. So no letters at this stage.

In news that didn’t make the headlines, a biometric data collection bill passed the Senate despite concerns over the wide expansion of powers. The opposition’s proposed amendments to the Bill weren’t accepted, and the Privacy Impact Assessment conducted months ago by the Department of Immigration was only tabled at the close of the second reading debate in the Senate. And we don’t currently have anyone appointed to the role of Privacy Commissioner.

That’s just some of the law + tech news from the past week. Happy reading.

Weekly News Round-up

It’s been a while since my last post as my blog has had a long overdue revamp.

The Dallas Buyers Club saga continues in the Federal Court, a Senate Committee is due to report on the website blocking bill on 9 June, while recent research from the EU says that shutting down pirate sites has no positive effect. There’s already a new agency, Australia Border Force, added to the list that can obtain access to our retained data and the government’s planning a National Facial Recognition Capability.  That’s just some of the law + tech news from the last month … happy reading.