MsLods’ news round-up: law + technology


Submissions to the Inquiry on the Copyright Amendment (Online Infringement) Bill are available here: Report due 13 May.

Malcolm Turnbull Q&A: on the anti-piracy, website blocking bill. | SMH |

Rights holders want access to site blocking to be more affordable. | ZDNet |

Telcos label copyright site-blocking bill ‘deficient’. | IT News |

Copyright for sale: How the Sony documents illustrate the link between the MPAA and political donations. | Michael Geist |

Banning VPNs won’t fix streaming video geoblock grief: Stilgherrian | ZDNet |

Leaked emails reveal Sony execs lobbied Netflix to stop Australian VPN users. | ZDNet |  

New Zealand: TV companies have filed proceedings at High Court over Global Mode. | Stuff  NZ |

The news media’s use of the Walter Scott video is – surprise – a newsworthy use: Sarah Jeong | Forbes |

Defamation, freedom of expression & media law

A chilling step closer to Australian secret police. | SMH |

Why journalists should be activists at least some of the time. | Dan Gillmor |

Privacy & information security

Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly – mass surveillance is counter-productive and endangers human rights. | COE |

Former Director of UK’s GCHQ joins Australian Cyber Security Review panel of experts. | PM |

Attorney-General’s Department new page on “industry implementation of data retention”. | AGD |

Mandatory data retention funding to be a budget surprise. | ZDNet |

This simple game shows why metadata laws won’t protect whistleblowers – interactive by . | The Guardian |

Australia’s infosec industry wants mandatory baseline security controls. | IT News |

Video chats are replacing in-person jail visits, while one tech company profits. | IBT |

The Machines are coming: Zeynep Tufekci | New York Times |

Optus considers “premium” charge for Netflix traffic, plus Netflix accounts for 25% of all iiNet traffic. | ZDNet |  

Meet the lawyer taking on Uber and the rest of the on-demand economy (in the US). | Fusion |

Kentaro Toyama went to India with noble intentions for using technology to improve people’s lives. Now he’s wrestling with why the impact was so small. |  Technology Review |

Social media

Twitter announces crackdown on abuse with new filter and tighter rules. | The Guardian |

Victorian man sentenced to 6 weeks’ imprisonment for contempt over Facebook posts, emails & internet radio broadcasts. | Austlii |

22 April 2015

MsLods’ news round-up: law + technology

MsLods’ news round-up: law + technology


Where to for copyright in 2015? First speakers for ADA Forum announced. | Australian Digital Alliance |

Ford Motor Company claims copyright over its list of car parts, tries to shut down independent repair tool. | EFF  |

Pho-to Fury: London restaurant told to ‘go f-ck yourself’ by Melbourne rival that allegedly stole its images. | Smart Company |

Canada: Rightscorp and BMG exploiting copyright notice-and-notice system: citing false legal information in payment demands. | Michael Geist |

Google asked to remove 345 million “pirate” links in 2014. | TorrentFreak |

US: Universal Music files copyright lawsuit over mixtapes sent to prisoners – “contraband personified”. | The Hollywood Reporter |  

Defamation, freedom of expression & media law

Tasmania moves to allow corporations to sue for defamation. | The Guardian |

David Miranda and the human rights black hole. | Newsweek |

Man wearing “I’m with Stupid” t-shirt among LNP campaigners arrested by 10 police in Brisbane. | Courier Mail |

Privacy & information security

Leaked European Parliament legal opinion on data retention. | Digital Rights Ireland |

Brandis and PwC no comment on 36-month data retention question and timing of consultation. | The Register |

Parliamentary Committee calls for contributions to data retention inquiry.  | APH |  Submissions due Monday 19 January.

My post on what’s missing from the government’s site on data retention. | MsLods |

Ai Weiwei is living in our future. Living under permanent surveillance and what that means for our freedom. | Medium |

These college roommates made six figures (in real money) recruiting Lyft users last year. | Fusion |

GCHQ’s ‘spook first’ program to train Britain’s most talented tech entrepreneurs. | The Independent |

Canadians upset with Romanian website that exposes court case details. | The Globe and Mail |

Netflix, Apple, Adobe. How geoblocks rip you off. | The Age |

Google, Facebook, eBay slam Australian ‘de facto internet filter’ (s 313 Telco Act).  | ZDNet |

Social media

“Around 20,000 people in Britain have been investigated in the past three years for comments made online … .”. | The Independent |

Not Banksy: The real artist behind the iconic Charlie Hebdo pencil tribute. | Mashable |

With the power of social media growing, police now monitoring and criminalising online speech: Glenn Greenwald. | The Intercept |

 9 January 2015

MsLods’ news round-up: law + technology

MsLods’ news round-up: law + technology


Where to for copyright in 2015? First speakers for ADA Forum announced:

Canberra’s National Gallery of Australia lifts photography ban on permanent collection. | Canberra Times |

Counting down the copyright top ten 2014. | Australian Digital Alliance |

Forced negotiations and industry codes won’t stop infringing downloads. | The Conversation |

The MPAA’s attempt to revive SOPA through a state Attorney-General. | Google Public Policy |

If Europe gets to see FTA text, why can’t we? | Australian Digital Alliance |

Project Goliath: Inside Hollywood’s secret war against Google. | The Verge |

MPAA considered pulling out of UK Copyright Alert Program. | Torrentfreak |

Paraphrasing Selma – copyright law and the re-writing of history. | Project DisCo |

Defamation, freedom of expression & media law

From the UK: the year in review – defamation, privacy & Google. | INFORRM |

Why tolerate police spies in our midst? writes Nick Cohen. | The Guardian |

Attempt to use data protection laws to stifle Guinea mine critic defeated. | The Guardian |

Musician turned rogue publisher hit with DMCA takedowns over Sony emails. | Ars Technica | 

Broadcaster Alan Jones ordered to pay $10,000 for racial vilification. | SMH |

Whistleblowing and the rule of law. | Lawyers Weekly |

Privacy & information security

The future of privacy. | Pew Research Internet Project |

The year governments struck back: seven things you need to know about privacy in 2014. | Privacy International |

When it comes to surveillance, there is everything to play for in 2015. | The Guardian |  Including in Australia —> Parliamentary Committee calls for contributions to data retention inquiry.  | APH |  Submissions due 19 January.

Note to data retention law makers: the Internet is not a telephone. | ZDNet |

Holes in metadata bill make it unacceptable: Professor George Williams. | The Age |

Metadata: most Australian police forces can’t say how many times it’s been used to prevent crime. | The Guardian |

Data retention hearings off to a nonsensical start. | Smart Company |

My post on what’s missing from the government’s site on data retention. | MsLods |

Burner phone? There’s an app for that. | Verge |

Why Ireland must protect Irish emails and internet usage from surveillance. | Irish Times |

Abusers using spyware apps to monitor partners reaches ‘epidemic proportions’. | The Independent |

Google has now ‘forgotten’ more than a quarter-million URLs. | The Washington Post |

The dark web: what it is, how it works, and why it’s not going away. | Vox |

How laws restricting tech actually expose us to greater harm: Cory Doctorow | Wired |

Social media

Inadvertent algorithmic cruelty & well, that escalated quickly.  On Facebook’s Year in Review. | Meyer Web |

The Troll Hunters – a feature essay by Adrian Chen. | Technology Review |

US: Judge – it’s okay for cops to create a fake Instagram account. | Ars Technica |

Australia Post caught over use of paid Instagram endorsements. | Mumbrella |

Facebook’s structure of compulsory happiness. | The Society Pages |

Facebook post costs ex-wife $12,000. | Herald Sun |

Perth magistrate removed from hearing matter after Googling litigant. | SMH |

2 January 2015

MsLods’ news round-up: law + technology

MsLods’ news round-up: law + technology


US: Music publishers sue ISP Cox for not kicking people off the Internet.  | EFF |

In Google Books appeal, judges focus on profit and security. | Gigaom |

Danish court orders a UK company to block Danish IP addresses. | EDRi |

Copyright law as a tool for state censorship of the Internet. | EFF |

UK music industry seeks review of law allowing fans to copy music. | Guardian |

Blocking piracy websites is bad for Australia’s digital future. | The Conversation |

Defamation & media law

Dr Roland Von Marburg sues Facebook for defamation. | SMH |

Is Australia an emerging secret state? | JournLaw |

African court delivers landmark judgment on criminal libel. | MLDI |

Privacy & information security

UK: Investigatory Powers Tribunal rules GHCQ mass surveillance program TEMPORA is legal in principle. | Privacy International |

Government pulls bill to abolish Information Commissioner. | Open and Shut |

Boost for terror law monitor powers proposed in new Bill. | IT News |

Data retention bill fails scrutiny test. | IT News |

ASIC to lobby government for metadata access. | IT News |

Intelligence authorities ‘fail to understand data’, says ISP. | The Guardian |

My post on what’s missing from the government’s new site on data retention. | MsLods |

Want to know more about data retention? I’ve updated my “storify” on Australia’s controversial data retention bill:

Committee calls for contributions to data retention inquiry.  | APH |  Register intention to lodge a submission by 8 December. Submissions due 19 January.

Freedom on the Net Report 2014 | Freedom House |

Australians’ appetite for data & content continues to grow  – Communications Report 2013-14 | ACMA |  

Gregarious and direct China’s web doorkeeper. | New York Times |

Aussie bitcoin start up CoinJar moves to the UK. | Business Spectator |

Social media

Navigating the legal challenges of exploiting social media and user-generated content. | Attorney-General’s Office (UK) |

22 people had to sign off on Mitt Romney’s campaign tweets. | USA Today |

Twitter takes aim at trolls – and promises more. | Boing Boing |

Social networks face fines for failing to remove bullying content. | ZDNet |

Scotland laws down the law on social media crime and revenge porn. | Wired |

UK: Man jailed for WhatsApp ‘revenge porn’ after posting images of woman online. | Guardian |

7 December 2014

MsLods’ news round-up: law + technology

MsLods’ news round-up: law + technology


No evidence that the Copyright Alerts have had a significant impact on piracy rates in the US. | Torrentfreak |

Hollywood demands tougher penalties for Aussie pirates. | Torrentfreak |

Australian ministers likely to recommend ISPs to send copyright notices and block piracy sites. | SMH |

Can graffiti be copyrighted? | The Atlantic |

When the time comes we’ll need to step up the fight against TPP’s secret, anti-user agenda. | EFF |

Will Netflix end piracy in Australia? | Televised Revolution |

Rightscorp nails 30,000 users for piracy in one month, still loses money. | Ars Technica |

How copyright law could get you killed. | Vox |

Controversial ‘Innocence of Muslims’ ruling to be reconsidered by appellate court. | The Hollywood Reporter |

Defamation & media law

Australian journalist fears rough justice in Thai defamation case. | The Citizen Web |

Murder trial with a twist: defamation jury to decide if Gordon Wood killed Carolyn Byrne. | SMH |

Ireland: Libel tourism could become our newest cottage industry. | Irish Times |

Google’s French arm faces daily fines over defamatory article. | The Guardian |

Privacy & information security

Cross-party federal committee scathing in its criticism of Abbott government’s mandatory data retention plans. | The Guardian |

Update on how ‘the west’ is backing away from data retention. | MsLods |

Why privacy matters even if you have nothing to hide: Daniel Solove. | The Chronicle Review |

Collection of resources, commentary and analysis on Australia’s controversial data retention bill. | Storify (by me) |

Department of Immigration and Border Protection unlawfully disclosed personal information of asylum seekers. | OAIC |

When Fitbit is the expert witness. | The Atlantic |

UK ISPs have agreed to filter terrorist and extremist material at the government’s behest. | Gigaom |

Mt Martha woman snapped sunbaking in g-string by real estate drone. | Herald Sun |

684,000 households are paying for content through international stores. | Choice |

Industry and government say ‘collect everything’. History suggests this is a bad idea. | Slate |

Social media

Juries and social media in the technological age. | Supreme Court of Victoria |

Filmakers think Twitter is ruining the Academy Awards. | The Daily Dot |

Does Twitter have a secret weapon for silencing trolls. | The Verge |

22 November 2014

MsLods’ news round-up: law + technology

MsLods’ news round-up: law + technology


Attorney-General’s Department censors public view on piracy. | ZDNet |

Can there be copyright in one’s own bottom? And what about a bottom pose? | IPKat |

Case of Sherlock Holmes copyright closes after US Supreme Court refuses appeal. | The Guardian |

Belgian and French copyright laws ban photos of certain public buildings. | EU Observer |

Aereo shutting down operations, closing Boston office. | BetaBoston |

How should the Marrakesh Treaty for the blind & visually impaired be implemented in Australia? The AGD is seeking submissions:

Defamation & media law

Singapore PM wins defamation case against blogger. | SCMP |

Public interest journalism is under attack on multiple fronts. | PIJF |

Responsible use of drones should be exempted from media laws: Goldberg. | JournLaw |

George Brandis attempts to reassure reporters – by undermining journalism. | The Guardian |

Privacy & information security

The Australian dusts off the “Must resist any move to give a right to sue over privacy” file. |  Open and Shut |

UK: Police misuse of RIPA “metadata” powers is systemic, MPs told. | The Guardian |

We don’t have any pre-existing metadata laws: Brandis. | ZDNet |

Collection of resources, commentary and analysis on Australia’s controversial data retention bill. | Storify (by me) |

British spies are free to target lawyers and journalists. | The Intercept |

Metadata collection comes under fire in new UN draft anti-surveillance resolution. | Gigaom |

The Dads of Tech. | The Baffler |

Feds shutter illegal drug marketplace Silk Road 2.0, arrest 26 year-old San Francisco programmer. | Forbes |

New Zealand: censor eyes “global mode” Internet access. | The New Zealand Herald |

Social media

Facebook: we are being slurped 24% more by government this year. | The Register |

Twitter exec says it’s not about the money. | LA Times |

Saudi lawyers jailed, banned from media over tweets. | Yahoo News |

Navigating a world of silos. | Paul Wallbank |

9 November 2014

MsLods’ news round-up: law + technology

MsLods’ news round-up: law + technology


Perth folk: Sunday 2 November you can hear Steve Dalby, Senator Ludlam & Rebecca Giblin discuss copyright at the Disrupted Festival of Ideas. (And it’s free!) 

Google removes results linking to stolen photos of Jennifer Lawrence nude. | The Guardian |

Not our kind of club. | iiNet blog |

Australian ISP iiNet takes a stand against copyright trolling by producers of Dallas Buyers Club. | Techdirt |

Judge issues Aereo injunction, stops short of enjoining time shifting. | THR |

The soaring financial costs of blocking pirate sites. | TorrentFreak |

Copyright in the Trans-Pacific Partnership echoes past mistakes. | The Conversation |

Defamation & media law

Offences for disclosing information about covert operations. | Parliament of Australia |

UK: Libel cases prompted by social media postings rise 300% in a year. | The Independent |

Barry Spurr v New Matilda: the facts, the law and the porridge: Richard Ackland. | The Guardian |

Australia’s war on whistleblowers must end. | The Guardian |

Judge ices cake decorators’ defamation case. | SMH | 

Privacy & information security

Metadata: Privacy Commissioner cannot monitor all those with access.  | The Guardian |  

Calls for urgent reform of metadata access as government reports reveal disparity. | SMH |

Will metadata musings ever mature beyond paranoid fears? – Stilgherrian | ZDNet |

Research shows mass surveillance fails drastically in striking balance between costs and benefits to society. | Techdirt |

BBC uses anti-terror spy powers to track down TV licence fee dodgers. | The Daily Mail |

Website blocking is not internet filtering: Australian government. | ZDNet |

The Sky is Rising: Data shows wealth of opportunities for digital content. | DiSCo Project | 

UK: Internet service providers must help crack down on fake goods, High Court rules. | The Guardian |

NZ: Why Gigatown is not a waste of money. | Bill Bennett |

Social media

Trolls, threats, the law and deterrence. | Paul Bernal |

The labourers who keep dick pics and beheadings out of your Facebook feed. | Wired |

Ferrari hit with lawsuit for taking over Facebook fan page. | Ars Technica |

26 October 2014

MsLods’ news round-up: law + technology